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SightLine Systems Corporation (formerly FORTEL Inc.)

SightLine Systems specializes in software and services that enable real-time system-performance management for the finance, banking, manufacturing, defense, retail, and government sectors. SightLine Systems solutions deliver data that companies need to proactively address errors and increase system functionality.

HP and SightLine Systems enjoy a solid partnership focused on developing solutions that ensure peak performance of mission-critical business applications. HP and SightLine combine industry-leading platform technology with highly developed monitoring and management knowledge to help system administrators detect and eliminate malfunctions before business is affected, increasing overall efficiency and ensuring the achievement of end-to-end e-business service-level goals.

» ForSight (formerly VAM Capacity Planner), a capacity planning solution
» SightLine, a performance management solution
» SightLine Interface Agent for Cache, a database performance monitoring solution

» Company contact

ForSight (formerly VAM Capacity Planner)

AlphaServer system ready

ForSight from SightLine is a capacity planning solution that provides organizations in all industry segments with the ability to import, model, modify and print computer performance information. Using data collected by SightLine agents, ForSight enables system administrators to combine measurements of existing workloads with current and proposed configurations. ForSight runs simulations to generate "what-if" simulation results, and it can simulate workload/demand growth as well as new hardware configurations—all with data originally collected and used for performance management. ForSight also predicts the delay of components such as CPU Service and Queuing, I/O Service and Queuing, Virtual Memory Delay, as well as other key metrics.

ForSight, in combination with reliable, high-performance HP OpenVMS systems, gives enterprises the capability to effectively model changes in workloads and system configurations before implementation. This predictive analysis helps companies avoid unnecessary IT projects and hardware purchases, streamlining operations and reducing costs.

» More about ForSight


AlphaServer system ready

SightLine is a real-time performance management solution for enterprise and e-business infrastructures. Through a centralized console, operations managers can use SightLine to collect and analyze performance data from network components such as servers, applications, and transaction systems to identify and troubleshoot system problems.

Robust, reliable OpenVMS systems give operations managers and personnel a high-performance platform for deploying SightLine. By managing malfunctions and maintaining powerful, efficient IT networks, SightLine and OpenVMS help to minimize downtime, increasing overall productivity and revenue.

» More about SightLine

SightLine Interface Agent for Cache

AlphaServer system ready

SightLine Interface Agent for Cache is a database performance monitoring solution that provides scaleable, enterprisewide, on-demand analysis and customizable reporting. Interface Agent collects performance metrics and delivers this data to the SightLine Expert Advisor component, which generates displays, alerts, reports, and analysis in real time.

Interface Agent assists in proactive problem analysis to achieve service-level assurance in environments featuring HP OpenVMS systems. A single product solution for monitoring both hardware and software performance delivery, Interface Agent leverages the high availability and robust infrastructure of OpenVMS to drastically reduce system downtime with proactive problem notification, trend analysis, and capacity planning information that reduces IT expenditures.

» More about SightLine Interface Agent for Cache

Company contact

SightLine Systems Corporation (formerly FORTEL Inc.)
Suite 210
4443 Brookfield Corporate Drive
Chantilly, VA 20151-4023
United States
Tel: +1 (703) 563 3000
Fax: +1 (703) 563 4000
» SightLine website

Chris Merrill
Sales Director
Tel: +1 (703) 563 3000 ext.337
» chris.merrill@sightlinesystems.com