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Software Partners, Inc.

Software Partners, Inc. is dedicated to providing Industrial Strength enterprise backup, recovery, media management, and system management solutions for OpenVMS and Windows NT/2000 environments. Services include managing the complete backup process at customer sites, providing automated vaulting, and cleaning and cycling of all removable media. The company has provided the highest quality software and support services for business and industry, small and large, since 1983.

» TAPESYS—automated data protection tool
» THRUway—remote device access system

» Supporting documents
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Integrity server certified
AlphaServer system ready

TAPESYS is an automated data protection tool that manages a corporation's most valuable resource—its data. Operating in an OpenVMS environment, TAPESYS provides a menu-driven suite of functions including backup, restore, media management, and archiving. TAPESYS enables the manager to establish a corporate-wide professional regimen for automated data backup. In addition, the tool also provides advanced archiving tools for disk space management as well as media management tools for maintaining tape libraries.

TAPESYS operates in virtually all VMS and OpenVMS environments. It is compatible with all magnetic and optical backup media including stackers, robotic devices, and jukeboxes. TAPESYS companion products extend its capabilities with hierarchical storage management (HSM), remote data management, and UNIX support.

» More about TAPESYS


Integrity server certified
AlphaServer system ready

THRUway os a remote device access system that bridges the gap from a remote HP Integrity, AplphaServer, or VAX system to a central HP Integrity, AplphaServer, or VAX system. It simplifies file access and provides easy and safe management of remote data from the main site.

Key features:

  • Transfers data in the context of any standard VMS I/O format including BACKUP
  • Makes a clustered tape drive appear as a local drive to remote users
  • Makes a remote disk drive appear as a local drive
  • Allows backup of files from a CPU without a tape drive to a tape drive on a central CPU
  • Provides centralized backup of remote CPUs
  • Works in conjunction with TAPESYSŪ to schedule and drive backups of remote disks
  • Eliminates the need for operator involvement at the remote site
  • Prints local files on a remote OpenVMS printer
  • Runs images resident on a remote system
  • Uses both DCL and menu interfaces
  • Installs layered software locally using VMSINSTAL and a remote tape drive

» More about THRUway

Supporting documents

» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) Web site

Company contact

Software Partners, Inc.
447 Old Boston Road
Topsfield, Massachusetts 01983
United States
Tel: +1-978-887-6409
Fax: :+1-978-887-3680
» Software Partners, Inc. Web site

E-mail: tech_support@softwarepartners.com