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Synergex International Corporation

Synergex International Corporation is a supplier of cross-platform software development tools for distributed client/server and Internet business solutions. Independent software developers (ISVs) and enterprises in the manufacturing, healthcare, banking, distribution, and communications industries use Synergex products for major software development and integration projects. Taking advantage of the latest functionality and technology of Synergex products, organizations can improve their market positions and leverage the benefits of the latest business application technologies.

As an HP development partner, Synergex works closely with HP to create products that are tightly integrated with HP OpenVMS platforms. Focused on delivering new technologies with a clear migration path, Synergex products leverage the adaptive infrastructure and high availability of HP OpenVMS systems to help organizations improve their operational capabilities, realize genuine return on their IT investments, and proactively address new business challenges.

» Synergy/DE— a comprehensive application development environment

» Serena ChangeMan Version Manager(formerly PVCS Version Manager)—an application version-control tool

» Serena PVCS Configuration Builder—a software configuration management tool

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Integrity server certified
AlphaServer system ready

Synergy Development Environment (Synergy/DE) is a full suite of advanced cross-platform software development and deployment tools, offering developers the ability to create dynamic, high-performance solutions that fit their vertical application needs. With a substantial presence in a multitude of vertical industries, Synergy/DE has a long track record backed by millions of end users worldwide.

Synergy/DE features:

  • Powerful distributed application development tools
  • Ability to interface with Microsoft .NET, Java, or COM clients
  • HTTP document delivery utilizing secure sockets layer (SSL) technology
  • Accessibility to third-party relational database management systems (RDBMSs)
  • Web enabling capabilities for business applications
  • Seamless integration with Web services

Synergy/DE architecture leverages the flexibility and stability of HP OpenVMS platforms to enable the development of complete business application suites, seamlessly integrate third-party applications and data, and efficiently deploy applications into distributed environments such as the Internet. In addition, HP Integrity servers provide the processing power and scalability to handle today's most demanding application requirements. Together, Synergy/DE and HP OpenVMS allow developers to build and deploy dependable and scalable applications that meet and keep pace with business requirements and emerging technologies.

» More about Synergy/DE

Serena ChangeMan Version Manager (formerly PVCS Version Manager)

AlphaServer system ready

Serena ChangeMan Version Manager is a leading application version-control tool for team development environments. In addition to its advanced collaboration features, Serena ChangeMan Version Manager organizes, manages, and protects software assets during revision and integrates with numerous development environments and tools.

Serena ChangeMan Version Manager provides the following features and benefits:

  • Enables and automates complex team tasks such as parallel development, visual differencing, branching and merging, identification of merge conflicts, promotion levels, and team workflow
  • Supports Web, desktop, and command line clients, and integrates with interactive development environments (IDEs) including Eclipse, IBM WebSphere Studio, and Visual Studio.NET
  • Protects against data corruption as projects grow, enables centralized control of assets across distributed teams, and assures optimal performance for key operations using an optimized file server architecture
  • Enables control of user rights, standards-based encryption for secure access, and support for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
» More about Serena ChangeMan Version Manager

Serena PVCS Configuration Builder

AlphaServer system ready

Serena PVCS Configuration Builder is a software-configuration management tool that automates and manages the build process for application developers. Serena PVCS Configuration Builder automatically scans source code for dependent modules, keeps track of any updates, and maintains audit trails to ensure the correct source revisions are included in all new code builds.

Serena PVCS Configuration Builder includes the following features:

  • Accuracy in creating builds due to the elimination of manual scripting
  • Flexibility for using a Web-client or command-line interface
  • Ease of use due to integration with leading integrated development environments such as Visual Studio .NET, IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer, or JBuilder
  • Integration with Serena ChangeMan Version Manager for seamless version control and build generation

Running on the highly available and stable HP OpenVMS operating system, Serena PVCS Configuration Builder shortens build cycles, saves development time, and eliminates compilation errors by providing repeatable, automated processes. As a result, the combined Synergex and HP solution improves the cost-effectiveness and reliability of software development projects.

» More about Serena PVCS Configuration Builder

Supporting documents

» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) Web site

Company contact

Synergex International Corporation
2330 Gold Meadow Way
Gold River, CA 95670
United States
Tel: +1 (916) 635 7300
Fax: +1 (916) 635 6549
» Synergex Web site

Cindy Limburg
Synergy/DE Product Manager
+1 (916) 635 7300
E-mail: cindy.limburg@synergex.com

Marty Henderson
PVCS Product Manager
+1 (916) 853 0316
E-mail: marty.henderson@synergex.com