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OpenVMS solutions and applications

OpenVMS is an acknowledged leader for enterprise-scale, bulletproof computing, and continues to serve more than 10 million users. Simply put, nothing stops it! OpenVMS couples unparalleled functionality with enhanced performance, providing the high availability and reliability that your applications demand.

HP continuously enhances these unlimited high-end capabilities, and develops the capabilities and products for seamless integration with Windows NT.

HP's customers and business partners combine these capabilities with their own applications to create some of the best solutions anywhere. Find out more about these solutions in industries and enterprises around the world.

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OpenVMS e-business

OpenVMS e-business solutions enable you to:

  • Start from where you are, and move at your own rate
  • Build on what you have to leverage your existing IT investment
  • Quickly launch your e-business while positioning yourself for fast growth
  • Focus on your business by making the technology transparent

OpenVMS business continuity solutions

OpenVMS business continuity solutions enable you to:

  • Manage risk for highly available environments
  • Build on what you have, scaling the environment
  • Protect your business with OpenVMS, dealing with disasters

Enterprise solutions

Many OpenVMS solutions apply across all industries. These horizontal solutions include:

OpenVMS business partners

Partners provide a broad range of solutions for OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers and AlphaServer systems. Many partners have already ported their applications to OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers, and more are completing ports every day. More than 1300 applications and service offerings for OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers are now or soon will be available from familiar names including:

  • Applied Materials
  • BEA
  • CA
  • Cognos
  • EMC
  • Ericom
  • GE Healthcare
  • Information Builders
  • Intersystems
  • LogicaCMG
  • Mimer
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Patsystems
  • Process Software
  • Software AG

HP actively provides programs and services to ensure that partners can port their applications quickly and easily to the HP Integrity server platform, including:

  • Regional porting workshops
  • One-on-one consulting
  • Webcast technical briefings
  • Access to engineering labs
  • Access to porting centers
  • Free and easy access to OpenVMS Software Developer Kits
  • Special hardware discounts
  • Go-to-market programs
  • ...and many other resources

The OpenVMS group maintains an extensive partner database that is updated on a daily basis. Customers can choose from several access methods to partner information, including the HP OpenVMS Application Status Report and a partner database search tool . Both of these links are also available from the OpenVMS home page.

The HP OpenVMS Featured Business Partners page is a frequently updated, alphabetical listing of partners, linked to profiles of the companies and applications. The list includes many partners that are in the process of porting or have already completed ports to the HP Integrity platform. This page also provides information about which partners have completed the HP Integrity readiness certification letter process, and direct links to the HP OpenVMS Application Status Report.

The HP AllianceONE Partner Program (formerly known as HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP))sponsors a special certification letter process to enable partners to document the readiness of their applications and services on HP Integrity servers. Many OpenVMS partners have taken advantage of this program. Information about these certified partners is available on the Integrity-certified page of the HP AllianceONE Partner Program Web site.

For more information on OpenVMS partner support, please see your local HP representative or contact us ›.