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Mimer Information Technology offers Sybase customers the opportunity to migrate to Mimer SQL

Mimer Information Technology offers HP OpenVMS customers the opportunity to migrate to Mimer SQL from Sybase and other database management systems (DBMS).

As Sybase has stopped development of its database for OpenVMS and will end support in 2003, this could be the solution for many Sybase customers.

Mimer SQL is a relational DBMS that not only will help the existing Sybase customers on OpenVMS preserve their investments, but will also open up their existing applications to other systems and mobile devices, creating new business opportunities.

For more information

Please contact:

Stefan Eck
Mimer Information Technology AB
Tel: +46 (0)18 780 92 21
Mobile: +46 (0)730 299 231
E-mail: stefan.eck@mimer.se

» Mimer SQL product site
» Mimer SQL developer site
» Mimer Information Technology partner profile

Migrating to Mimer SQL from Sybase or other DBMS solutions

The amount of work required to migrate an existing system to Mimer SQL can quite accurately be determined by using automated analysis tools provided by Mimer Information Technology. The SQL-related code written in different SQL dialects can be converted using conversion tools. Experts from Mimer Information Technology can also assist in converting the application and database so that the transition to the new system, while improving performance, will go unnoticed by the users. This will reduce the migration effort and make the transition to Mimer SQL very cost-effective.

Mimer SQL—a dependable relational DBMS for OpenVMS platforms

Mimer SQL is installed at tens of thousands of customer sites worldwide, especially at sites where performance and access are the paramount requirements. Mimer SQL has been available for OpenVMS for more than 20 years—in the 1980s on VAX, in the 1990s on AlphaServer systems, and now on Integrity servers.

Mimer SQL customers using HP OpenVMS systems include Scandinavia's largest telecommunications operator, TeliaSonera AB; the car manufacturer, Volvo Cars; the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute; and the National Blood Service, which handles all blood donations in England.

Low total cost of ownership

According to Mimer SQL customers, compared to other large databases, running costs can be cut by more than 50 percent because Mimer SQL includes a built-in database administrator (DBA). Mimer SQL also costs less to purchase, requires less hardware, and is easier to develop because it conforms to the SQL standard.

Install and forget

Application developers can install Mimer SQL and have it up and running in a matter of minutes. And, thanks to Mimer SQL's open architecture, developers can continue to use their favorite development tools. When the final product is ready for installation, Mimer SQL is completely hidden to users (a black-box solution). Mimer SQL's built-in DBA automates database administration. This means that the database system requires no surveillance when in production; maintenance and troubleshooting are handled automatically.

What you get is more than what you see

A Mimer SQL distribution for Alpha OpenVMS, including all documentation, uses only 10 MB. Despite its small footprint, Mimer SQL is the most complete SQL database management system in the world and includes 100 percent support for the Transitional SQL-92 standard. So far, Mimer SQL is the first and only database management system that fully supports this standard. With the extended multilanguage support in Mimer SQL (Unicode 4.0), multilingual applications have a unique opportunity to handle many different languages simultaneously in one single application.

About Mimer Information Technology AB

Mimer Information Technology, the company behind Mimer SQL, is a world leader in the field of zero-maintenance DBMS solutions. The Mimer SQL product family features three products; Mimer SQL Mobile, Mimer SQL Embedded, and Mimer SQL Engine. Mimer Information Technology also provides customers with training, support, and consulting from many of the world's most competent experts in the field of advanced relational database development, many with more than 20 years of experience. Mimer SQL developers also play an influential role on the international ISO committee that governs the SQL standard. Mimer Information Technology's main market comprises companies that require a database to complete their products—both for volume (VAR/OEM) and in-house business.