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Sybase Customer Letter

3 May 1999

Dear Valued Compaq and Sybase Customer,

Recently you received a letter from Sybase informing you of important product support changes for OpenVMS. Both Sybase and Compaq are committed to ensuring that these changes cause as little disruption to your business as possible. As a follow-up, this letter contains information about timing and possible options to help manage your migration in a process that is safe and easy.

Sybase has provided OpenVMS solutions for both VAX and Alpha since the early 1990s; during that time there has been an increased market interest in UNIX and Windows NT. While Sybase values its installed base of OpenVMS customers, its future engineering investments for Compaq platforms will be on Tru64 UNIX and Windows NT.

To ensure that customers have the maximum time and flexibility in making the right decision for their business, Sybase is continuing support for OpenVMS/Alpha as outlined in the initial notification letter. The letter stated that SQL Server and OpenClient/OpenServer 10.0.4 on the OpenVMS/Alpha platform will continue to be supported until 31 December 2003. Therefore, OpenVMS/Alpha and Sybase customers satisfied with their current operation can continue for nearly five additional years, and have the ability to develop and implement a migration strategy as business needs dictate.

Compaq is committed to the future of OpenVMS. Compaq and Sybase realize some customers will choose to remain on OpenVMS. Other customers will decide to migrate their applications to either Tru64 UNIX or Windows NT. For their active support customers, Sybase will provide a free license upgrade to Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.9.2, Replication Server 11.5.1 and/or Enterprise Data Studio 11, as appropriate based on the customer's current Sybase product set.

Sybase and Compaq have worked to provide a wide range of services designed to ease your migration, including Tru64 UNIX or Windows NT integration/migration services from Compaq, and Professional Services and migration tools from Sybase. In addition, a variety of independent service companies, offering unique skills and capabilities, are available to provide migration assistance.

Customers using Sybase products on OpenVMS/VAX platforms received notice that support ended during the first half of 1998. We encourage these customers to take advantage of the range of solutions outlined for this program.

As a first step, customers will soon be contacted by their Sybase and Compaq representatives or authorized reseller to further explore migration options. Meanwhile, customers are encouraged to visit the special Compaq website to get more information. It is the goal of both companies to make it as easy as possible for our valued customers to continue with Sybase and Compaq.


John Nicholson, VP
Database & Business
Intelligence Business Unit
Compaq Computer Corporation

Richard Marcello, VP
OpenVMS System Software Group
Compaq Computer Corporation
Fred Manhartsberger, VP
Planning, Marketing, & Services
Enterprise Solutions Division
Sybase Incorporated