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Sheraton Tara Hotel network setup

The Hotel configuration will include several local area networks. Boot camp notes and presentations will reside on a local area network that will have wired (RJ-45 connections) and wireless (802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g) capabilities. From this network, attendees will have the ability to access Boot Camp content and access the internet.

Note: Access to the Boot Camp network will not be provided from the guest rooms.

Hotel room access to network

Internet access from Hotel rooms will be via a standard RJ-45 UTP network cable.

Presentation room access to the network

Each presentation room will have a connection to the internal network and allow Internet access via a limited number of Ethernet switches and wireless access points. Presentation rooms will also have 115 volt power provided for laptop connections using a standard US power connector.

Notes: Attendees are responsible for providing a standard RJ-45 network cable and a power adaptor if needed. For larger rooms, access to network switches and power will be from attendee tables near the front of each room.

Instructions will be provided at the Boot Camp for accessing the Presentation File Server.

Laptops should have the most recent viruse definitions and all patches, if applicable.

Tara Network FAQ
Q. What hardware and software is required on the laptop to connect to the Web to download the presentations?
A. Laptop running an Operating System and network card configured to use DHCP and any standard web browser.
Q. Are network and dial-up connections to the Web provided?
A. Wired and wireless network connections are provided via UTP cables or wireless access points.
Q. Is any special software required
A. Each laptop should have the Microsoft Office package (WORD, POWERPOINT, EXCEL) or equivalent software. Also ZIP/UNZIP should be installed as all the session information (slides, handouts etc) will be 'zipped' into a single file for each session and a combined session. This material will also be available for download after bootcamp on a dedicated secure site
Q. Is the laptop required to access OpenVMS systems during the "hand-on" sessions? If so, what software is required in >>>the laptop to access the OpenVMS systems?
A. Some sessions will require accessing VMS systems. The laptop will need a terminal emulator installed (ex: PowerTerm, eXcursion, Reflections, and HYPERTERM)