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Advanced Techncial Bootcamp Speaker Bios

Speaker Name Speaker Name Speaker Name
Brian Allison John Apps Hartmut Becker
Richard Bishop Larry Bonnette Jur van der Burg
Wolfgang Burger Colin Butcher Tom Cafarella
Brett Cameron Tom Dahl Robert Deininger
Leo Demers Bruce Ellis Rob Eulenstein
John Fisher Jeff Friedrichs Andy Goldstein
Doug Gordon Aravinda Guzzar Powell Hazzard
Hein van den Heuvel Stephen Hoffman Bryan Holland
Mark Hollinger Mark Hopkins Paul Jacobi
Kevin Jenkins Anders Johansson Greg Jordan
Forrest Kenney Barry Kierstein Fred Kleinsorge
Norman J. Lastovica Bart Lederman Nilakantan Mahademan
Pat McConnell Brad McCusker Ann McQuaid
Johan Michiels Matt Muggeridge Jeff Nelson
Eric Newcomer Paul Nunez Robert Nydahl
Keith Parris Guy Peleg Karl Puder
John Reagan Wes Roberts Wayne Sauer
John Shortt Thomas Siebold Curt Spacht
Dave Sullivan David Sullivan Camiel Vanderhoeven
Meg Watson Giovanni Vischio

Brian Allison

Brian Allison is the OpenVMS Engineering responsible for Storage

John Apps


Hartmut Becker

Hartmut Becker - Hartmut, is a member of the OpenVMS Software Group at Hewlett-Packard. He is the maintainer of image-related code in VMS, such as the image activator and the install utility. Hartmut joined Digital/Compaq/HP in 1986, and has worked for several support and engineering groups before he began working for VMS engineering in 1999.

Richard Bishop

Richard Bishop - Richard is the project leader for OpenVMS Kernel Tools. As such, Richard is the lead maintainer and developer for System Dump Analyzer (SDA), bugcheck, image dumps, and related projects. Richard and the Kernel Tools team continue to enhance the tools to support new OpenVMS features, to improve their performance, and to add other features that enhance usability.

Currently, Richard is also working on some exec projects for the "Jedi" (V8.4) Release of OpenVMS.

Richard has a B.Sc. in Mathematics from Imperial College, London, and has spent his entire working life in software engineering, including 23 years in OpenVMS Engineering.

Larry Bonnette

Larry Bonnette

Larry has been with the combined companies for many years. Larry is well known in the industry for his excellence for creating hands on training and demos at world wide customer events. His wide range of experience includes Alpha to Integrity migration, networking and most recently the latest in Storageworks technology.

Jur van der Burg

Jur van der Burg - After graduating as an electronics hardware engineer I started in 1975 developing electronic test equipment for a medical research laboratorium. At that place I had my first encounter with computers (PDP8/PDP11/6502). In 1977 I moved to an o il company developing seismic test equipment connected to a PDP11, and started to write device drivers for RSX11M. They were then converted to a VAX and VMS. Later on I moved inside the company to the computer center doing the helpdesk for a year, followed by system management of the biggest VAXcluster in the country. In 1987 I joined DEC in the VMS country support group in the Netherlands giving support to customers. Around 2000 I started to work part time for VMS engineering in the sustaining engineering group to support the VMS exec and the SCSI drivers, which then became a full time job. In 2006 I left HP and moved to Software Resources International as a software architect doing development and support for VAX- and Alpha emulators.

Wolfgang Burger

Wolfgang Burger - Wolfgang, is a Technical Consultant for OpenVMS within the Global Delivery organization of Hewlett-Packard since 9 years and strongly involved in performance analysis and troubleshooting of complex customer environments. He has more then 15 years of experience in software development on OpenVMS - from device driver development up to the design of power plant solutions. Wolfgang Burger has a PhD in Physics from the Technical University Vienna, and is responsible for the design and the development of HP PERFDAT

Colin Butcher

Colin has a wide range of experience as technical architect / systems engineer, specialising in mission-critical and safety-critical systems. He has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, worked on the design of web offset printing presses, then joined the CEGB working on heat transfer and fluid dynamics for power station boilers and nuclear reactors. Having discovered the fun of computing thanks to a PDP11/34 he then switched careers, worked for two software houses (first Prosig, then Scisys) before setting up XDelta in 1996. He been responsible for the system architectural design of a wide range of systems, including flight control centres for satellites, air traffic monitoring, healthcare, large corporate infrastructures and finance data services. Recently Colin has been designing and implementing split-site OpenVMS Integrity clusters as part of an Alpha to Integrity migration project for a national mission-critical system.

Tom Cafarella

Tom Cafarella Over the last 30 years, Tom Cafarella has held a number of engineering positions, from testing to development to performance analysis to sustaining engineering. He was the original developer of the MONITOR and T4 utilities. More recently, he has been invo lved in performance and crash dump analysis in the OpenVMS exec, with a specialty in pool corruption. He is looking forward to the next 30 years for OpenVMS.

Brett Cameron

Brett Cameron is a solution architect working with HP's Enterprise Application Services group, based in Christchurch, New Zealand, specialising in systems integration, and the architecture and design of large distributed systems for enterprise customers. Brett has worked in the software industry for some 16 years, and in that time he has gained considerable experience in a wide range of technologies, including assorted programming languages such as Fortran, C/C++, and Java; middleware technologies such as CORBA, DCE, and BEA Tuxedo; database platforms such as Oracle and Oracle RDB; and operating systems such as OpenVMS and Linux/UNIX. Brett holds a doctorate in chemical physics from the University of Canterbury, and still maintains close links with the University, working as a part time lecturer in the Electronic and Computer Engineering Department. In his spare time Brett likes to listen to music, play his guitar, and drink beer.

Tom Dahl

Tom Dahl - Tom has been with DEC / HP. for 26 years, working as a software developer on a variety of projects and platforms. Tom has worked on the POSIX threads project for the past nine years.

Robert Deininger

Robert Deininger

Systems/Software Engineer, OpenVMS Engineering, Hewlett-Packard Corporation

Robert has been using VMS since 1985. Since joining VMS Engineering in 2001, he has been project leader for OpenVMS support of several new systems, including the second-generation AlphaServer ES45 and many entry-level Integrity servers. He also works on interesting issues at the boundary between system firmware and VMS.

Robert once broke the VMS build by changing the wording of a comment line in a DCL procedure.

Leo Demers

Leo Demers Leo, a longtime member of the OpenVMS group at HP, is the OpenVMS Product Manager responsible for Integrity hardware support, Clusters, Storage, Unix Portability, and Security. He has extensive experience with OpenVMS Clusters including testing them with C4 explosives -- see http://www.hp.com/go/disasterproof for more details.

Bruce Ellis

Bruce Ellis- Bruce is President of BRUDEN-OSSG, a provider of support, consulting, transitioning, porting, and training services for OpenVMS and UNIX systems. Bruce has provided OpenVMS training for 28 years to customers and HP (Compaq/Digital) customer support and engineering personal. He has provided training ranging from the user to the internals level. In addition to training, Bruce has provided consulting and support in the areas of porting, programming, performance analysis, system design, and kernel programming. Bruce has also written and updated numerous articles and courses on various OpenVMS and UNIX topics. He is developed Internals-level training for HP on OpenVMS Integrity systems. He was invited to join HP OpenVMS Engineering to discuss Integrity Server performance at the 2006 European Technical Update days. He is the author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to VMS.

Rob Eulenstein

Rob Eulenstein - Rob, joined Digital Equipment Corporation in March 1987. He has spent his entire tenure with Digital/Compaq/HP supporting OpenVMS from the Customer Support Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He currently works as a consultant in Multivendor Systems Engineering which is part of GSE (Global Solutions Engineering). Rob's areas of expertise include: crash dump analysis, internals, clusters, performance, shadowing, RMS, and the file system. Rob is a member of the OpenVMS Ambassadors organization which provides a highly demanded pre-sales support function as well as an extremely important interface between customers and OpenVMS engineering. Rob holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. Rob lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and four children.

John Fisher

John Fisher - With more than thirty years of experience in the computer industry, John Fisher_s roles ranged from lead application developer to Senior Systems Programmer of an IBM mainframe and OpenVMS systems, to Solutions Architect and Systems Integration Consultant with DEC, OpenVMS GOLD support Consultant with Compaq and finally as a Systems/Storage Engineer with the Multi-vendor Systems Engineering (MSE) team in HP's Global Solutions Engineering organization in HP Services. John brings that wealth of production experience to the realm of OpenVMS Storage integration issues. His real world experience provides Best Practice information for others who manage an OpenVMS Storage infrastructure. As an OpenVMS Ambassador, over the past three years, John presented OpenVMS Storage training to hundreds of OpenVMS professionals world wide.

Jeff Friedrichs

Jeff Friedrichs - Jeff has worked for HP for 25 years, over 20 of them on OpenVMS. For the past 14 years he has work with Mount/Dismount and Volume Shadowing. Jeff has also supported the Data Cartrige Server Component (DCSC) software for 18 years. Prior to that, he was involved in the support of the VMS Workstation Software

Andy Goldstein

Andy Goldstein

Principal Member of Technical Staff, VMS Engineeering, Hewlett Packard Corporation

Andy was a member of the original VMS design team. He designed and implemented the VMS file system, and has done considerable work in the VMS I/O system and exec. Andy has been responsible for a variety of security work in VMS, and participated in the des ign and implementation of VAXclusters, particularly the cluster file system. He has acted as project leader for a couple of VMS releases and has consulted on many projects in VMS over the years.

Andy has participated in research in distributed security, and consults in security and cryptography.

Andy has acted as architect or consultant on a number of VMS projects, including Posix for OpenVMS, OpenVMS / Windows NT Affinity, DII COE compliance, and a number of Unix portability projects. He also works in the area of file system and storage management software.

In an alternate reality, Andy spends time with community orchestras, carpentry, and flight simulators.

Doug Gordon

Doug Gordon -

Aravinda Guzzar


Powell Hazzard

Powell Hazzard is a senior member of HP's Worldwide Technology Expert Center supporting Java related products across every HP platform. He has also worked extensively on Java and Open Source projects for OpenVMS engineering since 1993. These projects include Java, Tomcat, Apache, Netscape, Weblogic, Jboss and other products that are layered on Java. His latest endeavors have been porting MySQL to OpenVMS and using Axis2 with WSIT

Hein van den Heuvel

Hein van den Heuvel is an independent software performance consultant focusing on database applications for OpenVMS and Unix, notably Oracle and RMS. Hein started working almost 30 years ago for Digital Holland working on several RMS-11 projects. Hein has supported VMS, RMS and databases at the European level, before joining OpenVMS RMS Engineering in the early 90's. This was followed by Systems Engineering for an Applications Performance group, notably performing Oracle and SAP projects unt il 2005. Hein has given numerous DECUS presentations over the years, and is a regular contributor to comp.os.vms and the HP ITRC forum.

Stephen Hoffman

Stephen Hoffman - ("Hoff") is familiar with OpenVMS and its associated technologies, as viewed from both inside HP, Compaq and Digital, and from the side that buys and uses OpenVMS. Experience from VAX to Alpha to Itanium to x86-64 emulation, including traditional and mixed and migration environments. Now at HoffmanLabs LLC, an HP business partner, and providing custom services, training, support and Integrity porting for OpenVMS applications and environments, OpenVMS networking including DECnet and TCP/IP Services, and for distributed environments pairing OpenVMS server and Apple Mac OS X Server configurations.

Bryan Holland

Bryan Holland Bryan - is the founder and president of Software Concepts International, LLC, a managed services and IT consulting company that specializes in OpenVMS, Oracle Rdb and DBMS. Bryan has over 26 years of experience with OpenVMS, Rdb and D BMS, at hundreds of VMS sites and is recognized internationally for his expertise in managing mission-critical VMS/Rdb/DBMS environments.

Mark Hollinger

Mark Hollinger - Mark is Project Leader for the HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS product. He joined the development team in 1992 and has also worked on a variety of components including printing, the C socket library, and the IP protocol stack.

Mark Hopkins

Mark Hopkins - Mark has been a software engineer with the OpenVMS engineering team for about 11 years. In that time he has worked in RMS, the Posix project. For the last seven years, Mark has been the technical leader for the OpenVMS Extended File Cache (XFC) facility.

Paul Jacobi

Paul Jacobi has worked for OpenVMS Engineering since he learned to walk (actually for 20+ years). Paul specializes in Platform Support, but also was one of the original USB developers and is the lead engineer for high speed USB support.

Kevin Jenkins

Kevin Jenkins is a Masters Solutions Architect who has worked for HP for 35 years, with 28 years in the VMS community and the last 18 in VMS engineering. Kevin utilizes T4 in his daily work with VMS customers and partners, solving syste m performance related problems. Kevin's experiences have directly led to improvements in the effectiveness of the tool set in addressing system performance problems. Kevin has presented on T4 to many OpenVMS customer audiences.

Anders Johansson

Anders Johannson - Is an OpenVMS development engineer based in Stockholm, Sweden focusing on the base operating system. Anders is also an OpenVMS Ambassador and recipient of several OpenVMS Ambassadors hall of fame awards.

Greg Jordan

Greg Jordan - Greg has been working no OpenVMS for the last 17 years. His efforts over the last 7 years have been focused on improving the performance of the operating system - especially in large SMP environments.

Forrest Kenney

Forrest Kenney started with DEC some 25 years ago and has worked in OpenVMS for the last 21 years. Forrest is a jack of all trades and has worked on many device drivers.

Forrest is currently the lead engineer for USB support.

Barry Kierstein

Barry Kierstein - Barry is currently the project leader of the Availability Manager product at Hewlett-Packard Corporation. Previous to his tenure at Hewlett-Packard in the OpenVMS Engineering group, he was an OpenVMS system manager for the academic computer cluster at a large university for twelve years.

Fred Kleinsorge

Fred Kleinsorge started with Digital Equipment Corporation in 1979. He has worked on and led various projects in OpenVMS including platform support, boot path support, device configuration, usb configuration and assorted drivers, graphics drivers and DEC windows, Alpha and Integrity firmware, and Galaxy.

Fred is currently providing technical leadership for graphics and DECwindows, support for USB and VGA console, as well as implementing support for HP's Integrated Lights Out (iLO) virtual networked graphics console.

Norman J. Lastovica

Norman J. Lastovica is a Software Development Senior Manager within Oracle's VMS Products Engineering organization. Mr. Lastovica has over 25 years experience with large OpenVMS systems design and development including several major benchmark and prototyping efforts on behalf of Oracle customers. Currently leading the KODA project team, he shares responsibility for the performance, physical data storage, index, journaling, recovery, row cache, hot standby, and LogMiner components of the Rdb product family. In his free time, he enjoys outdoor sports with his family in the mountains surrounding their home in Colorado.

Bart Lederman

Bart Lederman - Bart, has more than 30 years of experience in system management, network planning, and application, database and system performance tuning; 18 of them in the telecommunications, banking, and consulting industries, and is currently in the OpenVMS Performance Group at HP. His many sessions and seminars presented at customer events have been very well received over the years, with emphasis being placed on practical solutions to the problems encountered in real life situations.

Nilakantan Mahadevan

Nilakantan (Nil) Mahadevan is part of OpenVMS Clusters Engineering working out of the Bangalore facility. He is currently the technical lead for OpenVMS cluster communication and leading the IP Cluster Interconnect project. He has been w ith HP OpenVMS for the last 8 years and has worked in Storage Management Software and Networking products like DECnet and TCP/IP.

Pat McConnell

Patrick McConnell is the Technical Project Leader for the OpenVMS Performance Group and the Technical Lead for T4 & Friends. Mr. McConnell has 30 years of experience in software and performance engineering, including 11 years with the O penV MS Performance Group. Mr. McConnell has developed and delivered numerous, practical seminars on system performance analysis and performance tool development to technical audiences, including CETS, LUGS, and previous OpenVMS Boot Camp's. Mr. McConnell holds a master's degree in Computer Science from Boston University, and a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Maine at Orono.

Brad McCusker

Brad McCusker - Brad, is the Vice President, VMS System Services at Software Concepts International, LLC, a managed services and IT consulting company that specializes in OpenVMS, Oracle Rdb and DBMS. Brad is responsible for the VMS management and consulting aspects of SCI's business. Prior to joining SCI, Brad worked for Hewlett-Packard in various roles related to VMS including many years in HP's OpenVMS Engineering group where he was the Project Leader for the C Run-Time Library (C RTL), responsible for leading its port to the Integrity platform. Brad's prior work in the OpenVMS Engineering group included a long history with PATHWORKS and Advanced Server Engineering. Prior to Digital/Compaq/HP, Brad spent eight years in an OpenVMS development environment, primarily for the US Navy in the field of real-time anti-submarine warfare simulation. Brad has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Lowell, and an MS in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. When not supporting SCI's mission critical customers, Brad can be found with his family on the ski slopes of Vermont where he is a member of the National Ski Patrol System.

Ann McQuaid

Ann McQuaid
General Manager, OpenVMS / Alpha Division
Business Critical Servers
Hewlett-Packard Company

Ann McQuaid is General Manager of the OpenVMS / Alpha Systems Division, including Tru64 UNIX, and is responsible for ensuring we successfully fulfill our commitments to our Alpha customers by delivering the committed roadmaps and facilitating their transition to the HP Integrity servers while maximizing customer retention to HP. Ann and her team work with their partners within BCS and across HP to deliver to customers the business values that derive from the Alpha RetainTrust Program - customer engagement, products, services, ISV partners, and business practices. In addition, Ann is the BCS staff executive sponsor for the Financial Services Industry (FSI) driving a virtual team to develop a comprehensive plan for the continued success in the FSI business.

Most recently, Ann was the General Manager for Hewlett Packard's OpenVMS Systems Division, responsible for worldwide engineering, customer satisfaction, quality, and business management of the OpenVMS Systems product portfolio.  Ann's team has ported OpenVMS to the HP Integrity servers based on the Itanium chip set and isworking with key vertical and horizontal software partners to bring end-to-end solutions to mission critical OpenVMS customers.

Since joining Digital Equipment Corporation in 1981, Ann has held various management positions including Director of Engineering, Operations Manager and Chief of Staff for the OpenVMS Division. Her responsibilities included worldwide engineering of the OpenVMS Systems product portfolio, developing and delivering operational and strategic goals for the OpenVMS organization, Out Source partner management, Oracle Relationship Management, and Executive and Strategic Communications. Prior to her chief of staff role, Ann managed the OpenVMS Product and Business Management group.

Ann has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern New Hampshire

Johan Michiels

Johan Michiels - Johan has over 25 years experience on OpenVMS. He is an OpenVMS consultant at HP in Brussels, specialized in systems management and automated operations. Johan initiated the development of CockpitMgr in the early nineties.

Matt Muggeridge

Matt Muggeridge - Matt works with the TCP/IP for OpenVMS Engineering team, where he leads the development of high availability solutions (e.g. failSAFE IP) and network performance projects. Matt has authored two OpenVMS technical journal artic les and presented on network related topics to customers and field support around the world. He has worked in network engineering since 1990 in both Australia and USA. His network experience covers TCP/IP, Routing Protocols, X.25, LLC2, LAPB, HDLC, ATM, Devi ce Drivers, and more. He has also been involved with Web services and Service Oriented Architecture on OpenVMS and enjoys dabbling in Web development, especially XAMPP-based projects. Matt holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Computer Systems from the University of Queensland, and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physics from Queensland University of Technology.

Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson - Jeff, is the project leader for OpenVMS DEBUG and other kernel tools. He has helped over 100 customers and partners port their code to OpenVMS I64.

Eric Newcomer

In his role as Chief Technology Officer at IONA, Eric is responsible for IONA's technology and product strategy and participation in standards bodies.

Eric joined IONA in November 1999, after nearly 16 years at Digital/Compaq, as the company's transaction processing architect, and also served as IONA's Vice President of Engineering, Web Services Integration Products.

Eric has contributed to many transaction processing, middleware, and Web services standardization and product development activities. He is currently a member of the Eclipse and OSGi Boards, and co-chair of the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group. He is well known for his expertise in SOA, Web services, and transaction processing.

Eric is the author of Understanding Web Services (published in May 2002 by Addison-Wesley), co-author with Phil Bernstein of Principles of Transaction Processing (published in January 1997 by Morgan Kaufman), and co-author with Greg Lomow of Understanding SOA with Web Services, published by Addison Wesley in December 2004.

Paul Nunez


Robert Nydahl

Robert Nydahl - Robert has worked with OpenVMS since 1993, and joined Digital in 1998 to work in the Swedish OpenVMS Support-team where he started off with helping customers to install ABS and develop comprehensive backup plans. He also found time between the customer engagements to teach some of the OpenVMS-courses; From Fundamentals, through System Management, to Clusters, including TCP/IP-services.

Later he learned RTR and provided local RTR- and OpenVMS-support to OMX, one of the world leaders in fully electronic exchanges. Today Robert also provides RTR-support to many of OMX' customers worldwide as well as RTR-training when needed.

Since December 2006 he is also one of the OpenVMS Ambassadors in Sweden, mainly focusing on transitioning customers from Alpha to Itanium.

Keith Parris

Keith Parris - Keith is an expert in the areas of Disaster Tolerance in general and the OpenVMS Cluster platform in particular. He works in Multivendor Systems Engineering within HP Services, doing fly-and-fix work and consulting for HP customer sit es with mission-critical needs. He provided telephone support at the HP Customer Support Center in Colorado, worked in VAXcluster Systems Engineering, worked on OpenVMS Cluster code as a developer within OpenVMS Engineering, and has also worked for 6 year s as an independent consultant building and managing disaster-tolerant OpenVMS clusters.

Guy Peleg

Guy Peleg is President of MAKLEE Engineering. He is a former member of OpenVMS Engineering known for being highly responsive to customer needs. He has a wealth of experience tuning OpenVMS, Java applications, and Oracle on OpenVMS. He has performed numerous Oracle 10g RAC installations and tuning projects throughout Europe. His efforts on Integrity Server installations, both from a functional and a performance point of view have led to over a hundred new Integrity Server sales. In addition t o his great technical skills, he is known for providing entertaining and insightful presentations to audiences that range from technical staff to senior IT management.

Karl Puder

Karl Puder - Karl has been a software engineer at DEC, digital, Compaq and hp for over two decades, working on various computer language systems and utilities. His latest responsibilities include the DEC BASIC compiler and RTL, the {A|I}MACRO-

John Reagan

John Reagan - John is the project leader for the Pascal, Macro-32, and COBOL compilers plus other compiler-related tasks. John started on VAX Pascal in 1983 and answered his own SPR that he submitted as a customer. When not working on compilers, he enjoys riding his Triumph Bonneville and Moto Guzzi Breva motorcycles.

Wes Roberts

Wes Roberts - Over the past 20 years, Wes Roberts has managed and supported numerous OpenVMS systems. This includes 15 years as the lead VMScluster manager at three different locations. During the past seven years with HP, as a member of the VMS Gold and Platinum Services teams, he focused on OpenVMS SAN support, as well as other areas of OpenVMS system management. This practical experience provides Best Practice information for others who manage an OpenVMS Storage infrastructure. Mr. Roberts attended and volunteered at Encompass related events since 1989 and has been a session presenter since 1998.

Wayne Sauer

Wayne Sauer - Wayne has taught the entire OpenVMS course string from basic courses to writing a device driver and OpenVMS internals all over the world. He has also performed a number of consulting projects that range from basic system management to performance analysis and writing device drivers. By actually performing the tasks that he teaches, Mr. Sauer brings real world experience to all of the courses he teaches. Mr. Sauer is probably best known for his world class jokes.

John Shortt

John Shortt

Thomas Siebold


Curt Spacht

Curt Spacht - Curt is a senior system management architect and Project Leader in the OpenVMS R&D group with over 30 years experience in the software industry. Curt has worked in the OpenVMS system management group for over 15 years on various proje cts including: OpenView, HP SIM, TDC, and more. Prior to working in OpenVMS Curt worked on various device drivers for real time stock trade systems.

Dave Sullivan

Dave Sullivan - Dave is a Technical Solution Consultant with over 20 years working in OpenVMS. He is a migration specialist for HP's Global Competency Center planning and executing system migrations for HP customers across the US.

David Sullivan

David Sullivan is a member of the Technical Staff at the Hewlett-Packard Company. He has written white papers on networking, still imaging protocol extensions for video conferencing, disaster tolerance design, and Web Services. He holds United States patents for inventions dealing with internet browser interception and caching technology. David regularly provides consulting to OpenVMS customers in the areas of Web Services and application integration.

Camiel Vanderhoeven

Camiel Vanderhoeven - Camiel works as an Applications Manager with the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture. He first heard of OpenVMS in 2002, and since then his enthousiasm has only grown. An OpenVMS hobbyist, he believes OpenVMS to be the epitome of Operating System development.

Giovanni Vischio

Giovanni Vischio - Giovanni is a Senior Technology Consultant in HP Technology System Group based in the Pre-Sale Center in Milan, Italy, a position he has held for the past 7 years. Prior to that, he worked as a System Programmer and Te

Meg Watson

Meg Watson - Meg is a software engineer in the OpenVMS Systems Software Group. She is currently the project leader for Distributed Netbeans. Her areas of interest include development tools, methodologies, and compilers.