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OpenVMS hands-on porting workshop

The OpenVMS organization is pleased to offer a hands-on porting workshop the week before Boot Camp.

The goal of the porting workshop is to enable to you bring your source code / build environment and actually port it to OpenVMS I64. We will provide servers for use in the workshop as well as all the HP OpenVMS compilers and available layered products. We will not have any 3rd party layered products available. If you attend the porting workshop, you must bring any 3rd party software you require.

Availability of the workshop is limited. If you are interested, please send a note via the form below. We will contact you, send you a questionnaire that will outline the dependencies and characterize the porting environment. If you are accepted for the workshop, we will send instructions on how to bring your sources and build environment. The workshop will also include some lecture and hands-on activities with the console.

The workshop is being planned for Wednesday-Friday May 16-18 (the week before the Boot Camp). There is no cost for this workshop but availability is limited.

Any questions, please use the form below.

Workshop information

This OpenVMS porting workshop will be a combination of lecture and lab. The lecture will be primarily done by technical people from the OpenVMS engineering team. The lab is intended to give you hands-on experience with OpenVMS I64 and porting opportunities.

This workshop is patterned from the “HP – Intel Workshops” that have been given during the past three years. The primary differences are that this workshop is at no cost to the attendee, is located at the HP Nashua facility, is OpenVMS ONLY (the HP-Intel workshops are for HP-UX, Linux, Windows, and OpenVMS), and you do not receive an Integrity server to take home as with the HP-Intel workshop).

The goal of the workshop is to help you with the porting of your software. You will get hands on porting time to work through the build and porting of your software. If you have questions or run into problems, OpenVMS engineers will be there to help. This is not intended to be a “kick the tires” workshop, we’re looking for serious people who want to see their solution running on OpenVMS I64.

PLEASE NOTE:We want you to bring YOUR source code so that you can begin the port in the presence of the engineers. This will allow for appropriate assistance can be given, as needed. In addition to your sources, bring your full personal development environment (login.com, sylogin.com, logical settings, symbols, compiler or editor settings / customizations, etc.)

We have had workshops like this in Europe and recently here in North America and they have been very successful - many of our partners / customers have completely ported their solution while others made great strides. The real value of this Workshop is having you work on YOUR code.

In the past, I have had people show some concern about bring sources and have asked about security. The systems will NOT be networked together. You will be able to remove the OpenVMS I64 disk and take it with you where ever you go - so, feel very safe!

If you have a laptop / notebook, please bring it. You can put your source files / build files on it and copy to the rx2600 (Itanium system). Alternatively, you can put the files on a PC and burn them to a CD-ROM.

We will not have any tape drives to read sources. The laptop, while optional, will also be used to allow you access the rx2600 console functions via the serial port or LAN connect.

We've created a simple, yet effective DCL based tool called "searchall" that can search your sources and build files for "things of interest". If you'd like a copy of it, request it when you send back your completed questionnaire (attached). Also attached is a document about "How to bring your sources".

So, in conclusion...

  • Please complete the attached questionnaire, if you haven't done so already - this will help ensure we have the right people / tools in place. If you have already completed and returned the questionnaire, you're all set.
  • Bring your sources / build files / data files (no tapes) - see How to bring your sources
  • Bring your personal development environment
  • Come with questions, we'll do our best to answer them
  • Review the agenda / lecture outline - if there is something you want covered let us know a head of time so we may be able to get the right person(s) available to cover it.