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OpenVMS porting workshop bringing your sources

We've had several people ask what is the best way to bring sources to the developer forum. The below is an attempt to ensure what you bring will be readable when you want to get started with your port. Don't bring tape - we won't have any tape readers at the workshop.

The easiest way prepare your sources is to:

  • Create a backup saveset of all your sources, build files, data files, etc. on your OpenVMS Alpha or VAX system.
  • If possible ZIP it up. If you need a copy of ZIP / UNZIP for OpenVMS Alpha or VAX, send a note and request it. Syntax for ZIPing your saveset is:
    $ zip "-V" file.zip file.bck
    The "-V" will save the VMS attributes when the BCK file is zipped.
    Note: Don't create a self-extracting zip on Alpha, it can't be run on I64
  • Assuming you do NOT have a CD burner on your Alpha / VAX system, you'll need to ftp your ZIP (or BCK if you didn't zip it) to a PC or other system with a CD burner. Remember to transfer the file, using ftp, in IMAGE or BINARY mode (FTP> BIN).
  • Burn your CD using ISO9660 format, if possible. This will allow you to read the CD directly on the Integrity Server. If you choose JOLIET, then we will use a PC to transfer your file from CD to the Integrity Server (not a problem, just an extra step).

If you are bringing a Laptop to the workshop, you can skip the step of burning the CD, just backup your sources and build environment, ZIP the BCK file and ftp it to your Laptop (remember to use IMAGE / BINARY mode).

We recommend using ftp to transfer the file from Alpha or VAX to another system (i.e. a PC) and not using Advanced Server. This does assume you have configured TCP/IP, which not all partners will have done.

Verify your result

Before packing up and coming to the workshop, take what you've done and "work backwards" to prove everything is ok. For example, if you burned a CD, put the CD in the system you used to create it. Read the zip file from the CD. ftp the file back onto your Alpha or VAX system. Unzip the zip file (remember to use the "-V" option on unzip). Then do a
$BACKUP/LIST file.bck
and ensure you see what you expect. Note: If you didn't ZIP your saveset, you'll need to do the following:
$set file/attr=lrl:32256 file.bck
before running the backup utility.

Check List

  • All sources, include files, libraries, tools, etc.
  • Build files / environment
  • Data files needed to run the application
  • You ensured you set FTP> BIN before transferring the file.
    FTP> bin
    200 TYPE set to IMAGE.
  • You have all logicals needed to build and run your solution
  • You have a copy of the login.com of the account you run your build / solution

If you have any questions, please contact us, we'd like to ensure you have a productive workshop and look forward to working with you.