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Ask the Wizard Questions

Backup save-set attributes lost over FTP

The Question is:

I have a need to FTP a backup saveset file from a VAX to a
UNIX FTP server and then back to a VAX again. However when
the file arrives at the destination VAX and I check it with
the "backup/list/saveset" command, it is indicated that the
saveset is incomplete. Another thing  that puzzles me is
that looking at the files block sizes, they are identical
from the source VAX and the destination VAX. Any help with
this matter would be greatly appreciated.

The Answer is:

We have this problem all the time.  All RMS file attributes get lost, including
record size.  Backup doesn't like this.  VMS V5.x we use a home-grown
program to alter the attributes.  VMS 6.something gives us set file/attr
in DCL.

Get the attributes off the file at the time it's created, reapply them
at the other end.

FTP is based on the brain-dead UNIX notion that all files are streams
of bytes with no external file-system characteristics.

Recent version of UCX, when going UCX-to-UCX handle this.  With a UNIX
system in between, you're probably lost.

Another option is to get the latest VMS ZIP utilities and compress the
saveset saving the file attributes ie ZIP "-V" -9 file.zip backup.saveset
Then the transfer will take less time and when it gets to the destination
you will be able to UNZIP the file.  This cuts down on transmission time at
the expense of cpu cycles and extra disk IO on the local and remote system.

Use PUT/FDL from the VMS system to the UNIX system, and
use GET/FDL to get the file back

Or SET FILE/ATTR=LRL after pulling the file
from the UNIX system