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Ask the Wizard Questions

DECsound on AlphaStation

The Question is:


When issuing the MC DECSOUND command, an error is
returned immediately upon start of the DECSOUND program:

DIVA error detected: %DIVA-E-ASSFAIL, unspecified failure
from diva_assign
DIVA error detected: %DIVA-E-INVCHAN, invalid channel

The last message is repeated several times, and all of these
error message are contained in a DECwindows box labeled
"DECsound: Fatal Error Box" that is overlaid on the DECsound
control panel box.  The only option presented is to click
the "OK" button in the "Fatal Error Box", at which time
DECsound exits.

The hardware is an Alphastation 250 4/266.  I get the same
error(s) whether issuing the "MC DECSOUND" command from the
console or via a remote X-windows terminal.  We have another
Alpha, a DEC 3000 model 600 running OpenVMS 6.1, which does
not exhibit this behavior and runs DECsound correctly.

There is a J300 card in the Alphastation left over from an
old beta test (for which the license has expired), but which
we have not gotten around to removing.  Any chance this might
be affecting normal operation of our DECsound appliocation?

We have been unable to track this error condition down in
any of the online or offline documentation and would appreciate
your help.

The Answer is:

    These problems occur because the version of DECsound shipped with
    the DECwindows installation kit only supports SO devices on DEC
    3000 class workstations; it does not support the sound card on
    Alphastation workstations.

    You need the Multimedia Services for OpenVMS V1.4 kit.  This kit
    includes, among many other things, an image called MMOV$DECSOUND,
    which supports the sound card in Alphastations.  This kit is
    available on the latest layered product consolidated distribution
    for OpenVMS.  It currently supports OpenVMS V6.1-1H2 and V6.2.
    It is described in SPD 64.24.  You can order the software media
    using the order number QA-03XAA-H8, and can order a run-time
    license (QL-4G9A*-AA) or a development license (QL-4G8A*-AA).

    You can't have a J300 card in an Alphastation; this is a Turbochannel
    option only, and Alphastations don't have Turbochannel.  Multimedia
    Services for OpenVMS does not support the J300 sound or video.