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Ask the Wizard Questions

DECserver load failure

The Question is:

I have a DECserver problem, when I power it up, all the lights go on,
except for D3, which blinks.  I cannot access the server, and I get
the following message on the OPCOM:

%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM  29-JAN-1996 10:19:22.86  %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user DECNET on AQMUR1
DECnet event 0.7, aborted service request
From node 1.11 (AQMUR1), 29-JAN-1996 10:19:22.86
Circuit ISA-0, Line open error, File open error, Load file
%MOM-E-OPENIN, error opening SYS$COMMON:[MOM$SYSTEM]PR0801ENG.SYS; as input
-RMS-E-FNF, file not found
Ethernet address = 08-00-2B-12-EC-A9

I tried substituting another DECserver (that I know works), and I get
the same message, although with a different ethernet address of
course.  In this environment the AUI plugs into a 10BaseT transceiver,
which then goes into a cabletron hub.  Any ideas?

 Thanks, much appreciated.

The Answer is:

It sounds to me like your host system does not have a load file.

Have you checked to make sure that  AQMUR1 has the file
SYS$COMMON:[MOM$SYSTEM]PR0801ENG.SYS ?  The host VAX needs to have
the file which contains the system software which gets down-loaded
into the terminal server.  Essentially the terminal server downloads its own
operating system from the host VAX.  Until that operation is completed,
the terminal server does not have enough brains to give you access.
The blinking light means that it is attempting to download.
If you hook a terminal up to port number one, and power cycle the terminal
server, I think there is some rudementary output during this stage.

Did these terminal servers used to get loaded from some other system?  If so,
copy the .SYS file from that other system to AQMUR1.

Apologies in advance if I'm telling you obvious stuff you already have
tried/know...  If the file is there, maybe it is protected wrong, or
corrupted?  Or possibly, you have gotten newer SYS images (possibly
with fixes in them, which are named differently.  If you have any
other DECserver 200s which do boot successfully, do a SHOW SERVER
on them, and find out what the load image name is.)