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Ask the Wizard Questions

System hang

The Question is:

I have an AlphaServer running OpenVMS 6.2 and it seems to
be hanging for no apparent reason.  At variable intervals
the AlphaServer will start rejecting login attempts for
the SYSTEM and ORACLE7 accounts and shortly after that
all TELNET requests are ignored.  You can still PING the
server and it responds.  If I go to the console I see the
DECWindows screen background but there are no dialog boxes
for login.  Ctrl-F2 will still switch between the console
messages and DECWindows and the mouse still moves but
you get no response from any other attempts to communicate
with the system; FTP, TFTP, TELNET.  At other times all
of the symptoms are the same but PING also stops working.
After halting and crashing the server, everything seems to
return to normal.  Digital has been in to look at the
system and can't find anything obvious.  We suspected a
break-in attempt from the internet but there were no
records of any such attempts received by the Alpha.  The
board with the Ethernet adapter was replaced and the
firmware was updated.  Another possibility was thought of
was Oracle was causing the crash; however, after booting
without Oracle running it was just a matter of time before
the system stopped responding.  Yesterday, as I was trying
to backup a SYSDUMP file the system locked up, and this
was without Oracle running.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you for listening.

The Answer is:

    You need to call you local CSC, and have them analyze the crash.
    It is not possible to diagnose such a problem this way.