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Ask the Wizard Questions

There used to be a an ITS article called Layered Product Co

The Question is:

This listed all versions of layered products and the various
levels of VMS that supported the products.  This was most useful
when planning O/S upgrades since one could workout which layered
products would need upgrading just by refering to the one document.
I have searched high and low and can not find an up-to-date version,
does it still exist or do I have to plough through the SPD/SSA for
all our layered products?  The orignal looked something like

Product:   CDD/Repository for VMS, 25.53

UPI:  897AA

Version		VMS Supt		LMF Supt
  3.3		4.2-4.6		   No
  3.4		4.4-5.0		   No
  4.0		4.7-5.2		   No
  4.1		5.0-5.1		  Yes
  4.1A            5.0-5.3              Yes


Please save me from hours of trawling through those SPDs/SSAs


The Answer is:

        V7.0  Information about layered product support is now available
              in the Software Public Rollout Reports for OpenVMS,
              available on the World Wide Web. The Software Public
              Rollout Reports for OpenVMS list the availability of
              Digital's software products shipping on the Software
              Products Library kits (CD-ROM consolidations) for OpenVMS
              Alpha and OpenVMS VAX.

              Tables in these reports show layered product support for
              operating system versions, including OpenVMS Version 7.0.
              The reports contain the product name and version, the
              operating system version required to support the product,
              and the volume ship date for the product. The information
              in these tables is continually evolving and is subject to
              change. The reports are intended for public distribution
              and are updated monthly.
              These reports are available from the OpenVMS World Wide Web
              in the "literature" section. Use the following URL:


              If you do not have Internet access, you can find the
              operating system support information on any of the
              quarterly Software Products Libraries, in the following

                   [README]SW_COMPAT_MATRIX.PS (.TXT)

              The Software Public Rollout Reports are also available from
              your Digital support representative.