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Ask the Wizard Questions

Convert: RMS file corruption

The Question is:

After running ANAL/RMS/CHECK I have 2 indexed files that
recieve the following errors:

     "Index bucket references missing data bucket"

These errors are preventing me from running the
CONVERT/RECLAIM procedures on these files to free up
the space occupied from deleted records, and causing these
files to grow excessively large.

What action should I take to repair these files>

Please help, as I am running out of DISK space.

The Answer is:

    You did not specify any VMS version. Several problems were
    fixed in CONVERT/RECLAIM for VMS V6.1. If you are not running
    V6.1 yet then you may want to switch over to that (or perhaps
    run the convert from a 6.1 node in a cluster). If you do switch
    to 6.1 then please be sure to obtain a suplimentary patch kit
    for convert/reclaim:

            CSCPAT_1181 VAXRMS01_061 Mail/Convert VAX V6.0-V6.1 ECO Summary
            CSCPAT_2062 AXPRMS01_061 AXP V6.1 Mail/Convert ECO Summary

    Anyway, The way to fix the corrupted file: perform a normal CONVERT.

    That is, get an FDL for the file (ANA/RMS/FDL) optionally edit that
    to reduce initial alloction. For example make the allocation be a
    quarter of the current file and the extend size to be one eight or
    a quarter of the current size (with a max of 65000). And then issue:

    	$CONVERT/FAST/NOSORT/STAT/FDL=yourfdl old new

    Contrary to CONVERT /RECLAIM this full convert can (and will) reduce
    the allocated size of the file. For this and others reasons we recommend
    running a normal convert every-so-often.