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HP Integrity server animation
HP Integrity server animation
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Ask the Wizard Questions

Who is the fastest

The Question is:

Oh Wizard !!

 Who builds the Fastest Computers in the World ?

	A) Cray
	C) Sun
	D) Digital
	E) S.Graphics

The Answer is:

On which dimension?

Digital builds many computers which are the fastest at various benchmarks.
Perhaps some of our systems (a system is more than a computer) will support your
application better than a competitor's.  What is your application?  What are
your requirements?  How much money are you willing to spend?

   By various benchmarks, your mother and father provided you with a copy
   of what is arguably the fastest known fully-general-purpose computing
   package: the human brain.

   The fastest known silicon-based processors are generally purpose-dedicated
   (often highly custom) high-performance processor chips -- organizations
   including various militaries around the world are common users of these
   dedicated microprocessors.

   Digital holds various microprocessor records for the more "mundane"
   general purpose silicon-based microprocessors -- versions of the Alpha
   21164 are expected to be running at 500 MHz by the end of 1996, and this
   single 500 MHz part is capable of processing two billion instructions
   per second.

   Currently shipping Alpha microprocessor system performance estimates:

   Processor         SPECint92   SPECfp92   SPECint95   SPECfp95

     Alpha 21164-400MHz   500e       655e       11.7e      15.9e
     Alpha 21164-366MHz   453e       600e       10.6e      14.8e