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Ask the Wizard Questions

c code problem

The Question is:

O' exalted wizard,

I am trying to compile http://www.partner.digital.com/www-swdev/files/OPENVMS/examples/ether/ether.c
on my system for the purpose of licensing our software
based on ethernet hardware address.  I get the following
messages during the compile:

$ cc ether.c

%CC-F-INCLUDEOPEN, An error occurred while attempting to open the include file "
": Key not found.
at line number 75 in file DKA200:[STK.V210]ETHER.C;1

%CC-E-NOOBJ, Object file deleted.
at line number 75 in file DKA200:[STK.V210]ETHER.C;1

What am I missing?


The Answer is:

>%CC-E-NOOBJ, Object file deleted.
>at line number 75 in file DKA200:[STK.V210]ETHER.C;1
>What am I missing?

      Looks like you're missing NMADEF.H. Not all system symbol definitions
    are made availble by default, I guess NMADEF is considered a bit too
    obscure for inclusion in the standard libraries. You can find it as a
    MACRO32 module called $NMADEF in SYS$SHARE:LIB.MLB. Since it only contains
    constant definitions, it's  quite trivial to convert into a form digestable
    by C:


    Now edit NMADEF.H removing the top lines:

            .MACRO  $NMADEF,$GBL
            $DEFINI NMA,$GBL

    and bottom lines:
            $DEFEND NMA,$GBL,DEF

    Now do a global substitution of "$EQU " for "#define ". ie, lines which
    look like:

    $EQU    NMA$C_OBJ_NIC   19
    $EQU    NMA$C_FNC_LOA   15
    $EQU    NMA$C_FNC_DUM   16


    #define    NMA$C_OBJ_NIC   19
    #define    NMA$C_FNC_LOA   15
    #define    NMA$C_FNC_DUM   16

    That should do the trick.

NMADEF is provided in SYS$LIB_C.TLB on Alpha, but is not provided on VAX.

The sample program has this in the comments at the beginning of the program.

 Compilation command:
            OpenVMS Alpha:
            OpenVMS VAX:
                $ CC GET_ETHER