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Ask the Wizard Questions

how to force 'd' protection on directories?

The Question is:

Dear wizard,
 is there a way to force the 'd' protection on created
 directories by default, without using the switch
/prot=o:Rewd ?

The Answer is:

      In a word, no. The removal of Delete access is hard coded into the
    CREATE/DIRECTORY code. The protection placed on a newly created
    directory follows normal RMS inheritance and default rules, except that
    the D bits are cleared from the final SOGW mask. This intentional and
    documented behaviour - see RTL Library LIB$ Reference manual for
    routine LIB$CREATE_DIR, "protection-enable" parameter. This dates from
    VMS V1.0 prior to the introduction of the "DIRECTORY bit" in V2 which is
    now used by the XQP to force a check that a directory is empty before
    deletion. In VMS V1.0 this was the only  protection against accidently
    deleting a directory file and "orphaning" any files contained within
    it. Although there is now a more reliable mechanism to prevent
    accidental deletion, the original behaviour is  retained for
    compatibility reasons.

      If your intention is to ensure that the owner of a directory has
    delete access, you can place an ACE in the ACL of the parent directory
    explicitly granting Delete access. All directories created within will
    inherit the ACE (which will also propagate downwards). For example:

    $ SET SECURITY/DEFAULT [...]*.DIR	! propagate to existing directories

    Directory DISK$USER1:[GILLINGS]

    X.DIR;1              [USERS,GILLINGS]      (RWE,RWE,RE,E)


    This must be done for each user's directory tree, since the identifier
    must be the same as the owner.