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Another Scholastic Research Project

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The Question is:

Hello Wizard!
I am doing a small research on the VAX VMS Operating System and would very much
appreciate your aid in answering the following questions in a good a detail as possible:
1) Regarding the process management:
   Could you please describe the process scheduling algorithm used?
   Identify and describe the process states which are supported.
2) Regarding the interprocess communication:
   Could you describe at least two of the supported interprocess communication constructs?
   And one of the supported synchronization constructs?
3) Please describe the memory management technique, including:
   Is it virtual memory?  And is paging or segmentation(or both) used?
   What is the address translation technique description?
   And the page replacement policy?
4) As a last question, could you please describe the directory structure, file organizations, and file
   allocation approaches?
   What table(s) exist in memory to manage open files?
I most certainly will appreciate the answers to these questions ASAP.  Could you please return
These answers to: l_resendis@hotmail.com  or l-resendis1@ti.com   (that is an el<underscore>
For the first address and one following the l-resendis in the second address)
Or if not possible, please inform me of where/how I could gather the needed information.
Thank you,
Luis Resendis

The Answer is :

  Please see:

answer written or last revised on ( 11-MAY-2001 )

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