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Tuning, page, and swapfiles after memory upgrade?

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The Question is:

we have 2 Alpha 2100 boxes.  They both have been upgraded
with the maximum memory.  One box is continously swapping
out processes.
the node having swapping problems has the following:
                                   reservable 640
                                       total   37504
the other node has the swapfile.sys  - free 240000
                                  reservable 240000
                                       total 240000
can another swapfile.sys be created like we can create
a page file?   Would this be causing the swapping out
of processes.

The Answer is :

  Your SWAPFILE is clearly far too small.  AUTOGEN will -- unless it has
  been explicitly prevented from doing so via a "SWAPFILE=0" entry in the
  MODPARAMS.DAT file -- correctly resize the swapfile for you.
  Clean out MODPARAMS.DAT of the cruft that tends to build up over time,
  and run an AUTOGEN pass with FEEDBACK at, say, intervals of one day for
  roughly three (business) days, then at intervals of one week until the
  load and the parameters stabilize.  (The system will need to be rebooted
  in order for the new parameters to take effect after the AUTOGEN pass.)

answer written or last revised on ( 9-JUL-1998 )

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