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TCPIP (UCX) FTP Callable Interface?

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The Question is:

I'm lookin' for an FTP "API" that can be called from DEC C.  Is there such a package?  Currently, I gotta jump through hoops to use FTP from C by calling system() and redirecting sys$input and sys$output.  This seems a little rediculous.  On the PC (DOS,
Windoze & OS/2) FTP APIs are available (usually comes with the compiler's runtime library).  There MUST be something like this for OpenVMS, or do I hve to use qio's to open a "socket" connection with a remote FTP demon and bull and moose the file tran

The Answer is :

  There is presently no callable interface available in TCP/IP Services
  for OpenVMS (UCX) V4.2.  There has been some discussion around adding
  such an interface in a future release.
  Using the sys$qio interface and the information provided via a telnet
  to port 21 followed by a "help" command, you may be able to implement
  the necessary operations.  And, obviously, also see RFC959.
  Also obviously available are system() and lib$spawn() calls of FTP
  and COPY/FTP commands.
  And it may be possible to port a public-domain FTP client over to UCX.

answer written or last revised on ( 14-JUL-1998 )

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