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Setting the time?

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The Question is:

I currently had to resurrect a Digital Vax Station 3100 M48 running VAX/VMS
version V5.4. It has been unplugged in a corner for about 2 years. I hooked
it all up and it came of fine. I am able to go in as SYSTEM and every thing
works fine except; the date and time is set for Monday 18-AUG-1997. I have
been looking in what manuals I could find and have not discovered a way to
set the date and time.

The Answer is :

  The command to reset the system time to 7-AUG-1998 09:47 is:
    $ SET TIME=7-AUG-1998:09:47
  Note the colon between the date and the time specification.  (This
  extra colon is a requirement resulting from the DCL parsing rules.
  Normally, there is a space between the date and time.)
  On OpenVMS VAX, once a year between January 1st and circa April 11th,
  or whenever a different SYS.EXE system image is bootstrapped, issue the
    $ SET TIME
  to resynchronize the VAX time-of-year (TOY) clock and the contents of
  the OpenVMS VAX system image.  (This SET TIME command is automatically
  performed during a normal system shutdown.)  The TOY clock stores (only)
  the time since January 1 00:00:00.00 of the current year, and has a
  maximum resolution of roughly 466 days.  The system image is used as the
  storage location for the current year.  Between these two values, the
  current time and date is "constructed" during the OpenVMS VAX system
  bootstrap.  (And this is the reason the saved time value in the system
  image must be reset every year between January and April.)
  The SYSGEN parameter SETTIME can be used to enable prompting for the
  system time during the system bootstrap.  For information on performing
  a conversational bootstrap and enabling this parameter, see the Year 2000
  (Y2K) testing information available via a link at the OpenVMS website:
  The Wizard would strongly recommend reading the available OpenVMS System
  Management documentation, and becoming familiar with the user's guide and
  the master index.  These are invaluable resources for the folks that are
  managing OpenVMS systems.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-AUG-1998 )

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