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OpenVMS ODS2 file system compatibility?

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The Question is:

VMS uses the ODS2 file system.  With which other filesystems, if any, is VMS
(ODS2) compatible?
I have looked at the Questions, and the archived Questions.  I cannot find a
clear answer to the following question and hope you will please directly
answer this in your reply instead of referring me to a different URL.  I am
happy to look at another refe
rence if it contains details, but I hope you will list some if not all the
other compatible filesystems.
Thank you!

The Answer is :

  The Wizard believes your question, as stated, is ambiguous.
  ODS2 is the native file system of OpenVMS.
  The Wizard is aware of a package or two that can reportedly read ODS2
  files on other systems.
  ODS2 is not compatible with other file systems, though certain other
  file systems -- specifically ISO9660 -- have non-intersecting structural
  organization requirements and thus can be coresident on an ODS2 volume.
  Various OpenVMS versions and platforms can read other file systems, such
  as ODS1 and (with V7.2) ODS5, as well as ISO9660 file system and the
  various formats supported by the EXCHANGE utility.  And there are tools
  that allow OpenVMS to read FAT-format floppies, tar files, and other
  such formats.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-AUG-1998 )

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