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Reconfiguring TCP/IP (UCX)?

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The Question is:

Configuring UCX
I am configuring UCX for the first time on a new
system.  I want to make this a local network
that does not connect to the Internet.
I made mistakes in setting up the network, I guess
and am having trouble getting localhost to be defined
as tssa  I edited ucx$hosts.dat, but
that seems to mess things up.
Just to get things started, how can I get the
host to recognize itself in telnet, and how can
I add other hosts and addresses?
What services do I need to enable?
How can I start the process over to start "fresh"?

The Answer is :

  The Wizard strongly encourages acquiring and reading through the
  TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS (UCX) installation and configuration
  The core of the UCX configuration process uses the UCX$CONFIG tool.
  And this tool can be re-executed as neccessary, to reset various
  portions of the configuration.
  However, prior to re-running UCX$CONFIG (or TCPIP$CONFIG on TCP/IP
  Services V5.0 and later) in this particular case, you will likely need
  to explicitly delete all of the UCX$*.DAT (or TCPIP$*.DAT) files in
  SYS$SYSTEM:, as the UCX$HOSTS.DAT (TCPIP$HOSTS.DAT) file was likely
  corrupted by the attempt to edit it, and as you wish to start over
  from scratch.  It may also be possible to delete just the upper version
  of UCX$HOSTS.DAT (TCPIP$HOSTS.DAT) -- the corrupted version -- and
  reverting to the original version.
  Rather than depending on direct user editing of configuration files,
  OpenVMS generally provides user interfaces and/or APIs for this task.
  In the general case of UCX and the UCX$HOSTS.DAT (TCPIP$HOSTS.DAT) data
  file, modifying the contents of the file is usually performed via the
  issuance of SET  HOST commands within the UCX (TCPIP) utility, or via
  UCX$CONFIG (TCPIP$CONFIG), which calls the UCX (TCPIP) utility for you.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-FEB-2001 )

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