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sys$acme_module? (external authentication)

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The Question is:

External Authentication
I have yet to find any documentation for this in terms of how to write a
replacement SYS$ACME_MODULE to authenticate against a different source. DO
you have any references or pointers? Thanks.

The Answer is :

  Support for customer-written external authentication (ACME) modules is
  expected to be included in a release after OpenVMS V7.3-1.  (OpenVMS
  V7.3-1 is the first release that contains a documented and supported
  sys$acm system service.)
  OpenVMS Engineering has presently implemented two ACME modules in support
  of DCOM, though specifics of the interface are still somewhat fluid.
  Once the interface has fully stabilized and the nuances are understood,
  the Wizard would expect it to be made available.
  Organizations wishing to create external authentication modules for
  OpenVMS prior to the availability of the interface should contact OpenVMS
  Engineering directly.  (The questioner here is from an organization
  already known by OpenVMS Engineering to be interested in this interface.)

answer written or last revised on ( 7-AUG-2002 )

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