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Seeking part numbers?

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The Question is:

Dear Mr. Wizard,
We are running V5.5-2 VAX/VMS (or OpenVMS) in
our production cluster and I have checked on
all 40+ layered products from PLI & C, to
FMS & CMS, to PCA Analyzer and Volume Shadowing.
Almost everyone of them is a version or two
(major or minor version) behind the Y2K
compliancy check list tested by DEC (or Compaq)
as posted on the web.
Now since we have complete software maintanence
(Silver) I have all the V6.x through V7.x
CD-ROM sets.  After checking the layered products
compatabity lists I would have to extract the
various layered products from the various V6
CD-ROM sets.  Some V5.5-2 layered products are
not compatible (from V6 or V7) and I would
still have to order latest Y2K installation
tapes of "some layered product".  I've inquired
(with my Silver support team and local sales
rep.) about purchasing the last V5.5-2 binaries
& layered product distribution kit which would
probably take care of most all of this.
No one can seem to come up with a part no.
for the last V5.5-2 COMPLETE distribution kit.
Of course it would be sweet if I could get it
on CDs.  I'll debate on whether to use tapes
if that's the only way it's available.
I've search the DEC web for a week or two and
cannot seem to get a part no. for it (V5.5-2).
No else can seem to either.  Once I find the
part no. I can research and decide on which
way to go to completely upgrade my system
for Y2K.
P.S. I've already got the V5.5-2 Y2K patch kit
along with the required Volume Shadowing upgrade
installed on my test cluster.  I need the Y2K
upgrades to ALL the layered products for V5.5-2.
If nothing else I would like to see what versions
of the layered products were last shipped with
V5.5-2 distribution kit.

The Answer is :

  You will want to order the specific kits required, as the consolidated
  distribution kits may or may not contain the necessary versions of the
  products you require -- you will spend more time trying to sort out the
  kits than you will if you simply order the necessary kits directly.
  You could order the last consolidated distribution immediately prior
  to the release of OpenVMS VAX V6.1 -- see the release history information
  at the OpenVMS website for this date -- and use that.
  These consolidated distributions do not have unique order part numbers,
  they tend to use the same part number for each release -- the media
  part numbers do change, but are only meaningful within the context of
  the software manufacturing organization within Compaq.
  The Wizard would, however, encourage you to contact the folks that
  handle questions with Prior Version Support at the customer support
  center before following the path you currently seek.
  Part numbers can also be acquired from the various Software Product
  Descriptions (SPDs), see the SPD Homepage (SPHOME) listed in the FAQ.
  Also see the Compaq Partner Network (cpn.compaq.com) website and (for
  customers located in Europe, Middle East, and Africa) the CompaqConnect

answer written or last revised on ( 29-AUG-2000 )

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