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Separate hardware area? LAT for Linux?

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The Question is:

In http://www.openvms.digital.com/wizard/wiz_1149.html
I asked about some uVAX3500 Q-Busrelated problems. After some
help from other sources I finally got it figured out.
It happened that I had a free Q-Bus slot between
the last memory-board and the first interface card, obviously breaking the
Fixing this, the computer runs real smooth.
I've noticed here on Ask the Wizard though that there are
quite a lot of hardware-related questions, primarily about old VAXes.
Perhaps it is time to start another Ask the Wizard service for hardware
related issues?
Also, will you ever release the LAT specifications to the public?
Incorporating LAT into the Linux kernel would be truly splendid.

The Answer is :

  re: previous Ask The Wizard topic referenced
  That is now listed as topic (1149); the URL listed is now outdated.
  re: Old VAX systems
  The ready availability of a search engine and the relatively low numbers
  of questions on VAX hardware would tend to point against the arbitrary
  partitioning of information into separate areas.  (At present.  Also at
  present, the creation of a separate area for the PATHWORKS questions
  would likely be rather higher on the Wizard's agenda than the hardware.)
  re: LAT
  "Ever" is a long time.  LAT is presently licensed, and LAT licensing
  is well outside the territory of the OpenVMS Wizard.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-JUL-2001 )

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