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problems with global sections?

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The Question is:

We have an in-house app that creates a global section via sys$crmpsc.  After
upgrading to 6.2, this app started misbehaving.  How do we determin if the
global section is being created on top of other installed images?

The Answer is :

  Though there is insufficient information on the application to answer
  this with any certainty...  You will probably need to contact the
  Compaq Customer Support Center to resolve this.
  The application may have started misbehaving at V6.2 because it was
  potentially performing something that was unsupported and undocumented --
  the application was likely using "carnal" knowledge of the names of the
  sections created by the image activator and was using this knowledge to
  overmap the image sections.  This procedure is unsupported, undocumented,
  and highly unrecommended.  (Of course, this answer is entirely conjecture,
  as there is insufficient information here for any degree if certainty.)
  The usual approach is to use a position-independent request (EXPREG)
  when mapping the global section.  An example of mapping global sections
  is available in the left navigation at the Ask The Wizard website.
  If you need to overmap variables, there are approaches that can be used.
  (The Wizard prefers to avoid position dependence, however.)
  If the above does not resolve the problem, you will likely need to provide
  a source code example that reproduces the problem being reported, and
  contact the customer support center.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JUN-2004 )

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