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Sending attachments via mail?

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The Question is:

I want to send a VMS Mail message to Lotus Notes on my PC as a attachment ,
There doesnt seem to be a DCL command that does this , I receive the Mail
message in Lotus Notes as a combined message i.e no attachment , but the
contents are displayed straight
away in the message.
I have tried to use the Mail/Foreign command but this doesnt work all the
Many Thanks Paul.C

The Answer is :

  Standard OpenVMS MAIL utility does not generate MIME format messages,
  but the MIME utility (V7.2 and later) and the TCP/IP Services Send From
  File (SFF) mechanisms (V5.1 and later) can be used.
  The Wizard has seen tools to construct MIME format messages, and there
  are third-party IP packages with MIME support.  Options include the
  MPACK and MUNPACK tools, uuencode and uudecode, base64 encoding, and
  various mechanisms such as serving the files via NFS or copying them
  via FTP.
  SEND/FOREIGN is used only when OpenVMS systems are participating in
  an end-to-end DECnet system -- SEND/FOREIGN does not operate through
  the typical email gateway.
  Please see topic (4492) for details on MIME and SFF.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-OCT-2001 )

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