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The Question is:

I have two nodes (actually more) that I wish to transfer data from. Both
nodes are running TCPWARE's IP. One node is a VAX 4300 run vms 5.5-2 it has
a bunch of data to transfer off. I have backed up the data and then run gzip
on it. The resulting file was
 then kermitted from one node to the other node.
The second node is an Alpha 2100 running vms 7.1h with tcpware ip and gzip
installed.  The files seem to arrive ok and unpack with no errors.  I then
try to do a backup/list on the expanded file and it tells me that it's not a
backup save set ?? Any ideas
..  thanks.

The Answer is :

  When posting questions, please first search for existing discussions.
  In this case, there are existing discussions of BACKUP saveset corruptions
  here in Ask The Wizard.  Also please see the tools available on the OpenVMS
  Freeware V4.0 distribution -- the Freeware V4.0 kit and Freeware V5.0 kit
  have a tool for this:

answer written or last revised on ( 25-FEB-2002 )

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