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Q-bus, Wyse terminals, Camintonn controllers?

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The Question is:

I am trying to attach a Wyse 50 terminal to VAXstation 3900 (VAXstation
II/GPX w/KA-655). The terminal controller board is a OEM DHV11 (Camintonn
CM-DHV11-C).  I can connect the Wyse 50 to the OPA0 port and it talks to the
VAX, so I know it's a good termi
nal.  When I connect it into the DHV11 port (TXA0) there appears to be no
communication.  Leaving the Wyse 50 connected to TXA0, and logging into
DECwindows and try a "reply /term=txa0 "hi" and all I see appear on the Wyse
are what appear to be carriage r
eturns.  All the documentation that I have looked at implys that plugging in
the terminal, and setting the terminal characteristics are all thats
required.  If this isn't known problem, ideas were to go look would be

The Answer is :

  Please contact Camintonn support and/or Wyse support for assistance.
  What recently changed in this configuration?  Is this simply a new
  terminal and other terminals work fine, or is the Camintonn serial
  line controller newly installed, or both?
  Under supported OpenVMS terminal controllers, the serial lines must
  be set to compatible characteristics (bits per character, stop bits,
  etc) with the terminal, and to a compatible speed or autobaud detection
  must be enabled.
  Also ensure that all controllers in the Q-bus have the correct CSR and
  interrupt vector setting -- the CSR is likely correct on the Camintonn
  controller, as the device is apparently visible to OpenVMS.  The device
  interrupt vector on this or other controllers in the Q-bus, as well as
  the CSRs of other devices installed in the Q-bus could still be incorrect.
  Please see Q-bus discussions around the word "serpentine" here in Ask The
  Wizard area (eg: topic (1149)) and in the OpenVMS FAQ.
  VAXstation systems were typically licensed as single-user systems.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-JUL-2001 )

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