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LAT print queues?

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The Question is:

We are running a couple of vaxs in a cluster running 5.5-2 vms and an alpha
running 7.1 vms( alpha not in the cluster).
The problem I am seeing is I have set up the printer queues as specified in
the system managers manual section Using lat printers.  see figure
13-6 of that manual.
Basically I want to share the printer from several nodes.
I have set up the term server port as queueing enabled (had it disabled as
The problem I am seeing is which ever que has had the device last is not
releasing it (lat$link stays in a connected state)thus all other nodes
attempting to print to the same term server port go into a stalled state
until the que on the offending node is
I have had this running for years or so I thought. I have run out of ideas
on this trouble shooting problem.

The Answer is :

  This "connection-retaining" behaviour on LAT print queues generally
  points to the use of the standard print symbiont PRTSMB.EXE, rather
  than the recommended LATSYM.EXE print symbiont.
  With OpenVMS V6.1 and later, this is no longer a factor as PRTSMB
  is now capable of all operations of LATSYM, including now permitting
  the ability to modify PRTSMB operations (via PSM) for traditional
  print queues and for LAT queues.

answer written or last revised on ( 19-MAR-2001 )

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