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The Question is:

Does RMS support 'HA', in relationship to Tuxedo?

The Answer is :

  Terse questions beget terse answers, and potentially answers to
  questions other than those that were intended.
  The Wizard will assume you are refering to "High Availability" by
  your use of the acronym HA.
  There are likely as many meanings of the phrase High Availability
  as there are folks involved in the discussion.
  There are many High Availability features present in OpenVMS.  There
  are features of and optional packages for the OpenVMS I/O subsystem
  and RMS that can provide availability features -- examples include
  volume shadowing, clustering, and RMS journaling.
  Please contact BEA for information on Tuxedo.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-FEB-1999 )

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