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Tape-to-Tape Saveset Copy?

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The Question is:

Hello Wizard,
I have two VAX stations(V5.5-1), each with a TK75 tape drive.
Can I backup an equivalent copy of the contents of a tape at one end to the
other tape at the remote end directly, without restoring onto the harddisk
If can, can you explain how it can be done? (I'm afraid the hard disk does
not have enough space)
If cannot, what should be the best way?
Pls reply to me at the email as soon as possible.Thank you very much.
Huikian Loh

The Answer is :

  Direct tape-to-tape copies are not generally recommended due to
  the potential for media errors, but are technically possible.
  Tools such as TAPECOPY are available from the Encompass software
  library (formerly known as the DECUS library), and Compaq offers
  the Save Set Manager package.
  The Save Set Manager Software Product Description (SPD) is:
    SPD 62.64.xx.
  and the SPD URL is:
  If you do choose to use COPY directly, you may/will need to specify
  the following qualifiers on the MOUNT command:
     $ MOUNT/FOREIGN/BLOCK=10240/RECORD=512 ddcu:
  The values for the block size and the record size will vary, and are
  based on the particular media involved.
  Related topics include topics (2099) and (4904).

answer written or last revised on ( 2-JAN-2002 )

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