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problems with f$getqui lexical?

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The Question is:

I recently upgraded a customer from V6.1 to V6.2
along with patches for Y2k compliance. Since upgrading
the following command no longre works;
status = f$getqui("display_entry","job_executing","create_edi")
this use to return a true/false value but no longer does
If I specify the jobs entry number instead it works, this is
useless in the command script because entry number changes
with each execution of the job
Logged in as WTSADMIN
SHO que sys$batch
  Entry  Jobname              Username         Status
1003600  CREATE_EDI           WTSADMIN         Executing
returns a blank line
How do I make it work with the job name?

The Answer is :

  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center.  Expect to be asked
  for an example procedure that demonstrates the reported problem.  (Also
  please be aware that there are four arguments to f$getqui.)
  $ submit wait/name=wait
  Job WAIT (queue [queuename], entry [entry]) started on [queuename]
  $ sho sym x
    X = "TRUE"
  Existing discussions of the f$getqui lexical include the following
  topics: (813), (1240), (2159), (3951), (4546), (4568), (4903), (5188)
  (5471), (5567), (5651), (5793), (5982), (6315), (6877), (6944), etc.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-AUG-2001 )

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