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TCP/IP SMTP (mail) command errors?

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The Question is:

We run an Alpha server 4100 with VMS 7.1
UCX version 4.1 ECO 8
We run several internet domains on this server and provide smtp,pop
Several forms that we use on or various sites submit input to the user via
Several months ago the server began to have trouble sending mail.  It is
intermitent but getting more and more prevelant.  The messages are returned
with a  message such as
550  %UCX-E-SMTP_COMMANDERR,  Smtp command error southernco.com
I can then forward the messages through another SMTP server and they are
delivered just fine.  In fact I have "fixed" this problem by setting up
channel aliases through the other SMTP Server on an NT machine.
I am aware of the 'bug' in UCX that assumes that any mail going to an domain
internet domain is local and ignores MX records.  This does not apply here
as these are not to domains that we service.
The messages are to disparate networks including AOL, netcom etc..  We have
dialed up the retries and that has helped but not resolved.
Thanks for any ideas you might have

The Answer is :

  Please move to V4.2 with the current ECO applied, or (better) to
  the current V5.0A or V5.1 release of TCP/IP (with ECO).
  If you wish to attempt to troubleshoot the SMTP error that is being
  received here, you can define the (/SYSTEM/EXECUTIVE) logical name:
    TCPIP$SMTP_LOG_LEVEL  (V5 and later)
    UCX$SMTP_LOG_LEVEL    (prior to V5)
  to 5, then restart SMTP and the SMTP queues, and then check the SMTP
  log file for any clues to the SMTP command error received here.
  Remember to deassign the logical name and restart the SMTP queue once
  the problem diagnosis has been completed.
  There are a variety of additional SMTP-related logical names that
  can be configured.  Details on the various logical names, debugging
  log levels, and on the SMTP log files utilized for logging are in
  the TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Management manual, in the chapter
  on configuring and maintaining and troubleshooting SMTP operations.
  If the problems persist, please contact the Compaq Customer Support
  Center directly.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-MAR-2001 )

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