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Comparision of LAT, Telnet and LPR printing?

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The Question is:

Experienced user's of LAT print queues connected to Decserver 90tl's-> need
to change to IP .
UCX v4.2 typically or greater and VMS 7.0 or greater.
1) TELNET print queues V's LPR/LPD queue's
   Which is easier to implement and maintain ?
Remote sites did have a local vax but this is being removed and now the site
is being served via a router back to central. Printers now must be changed
to IP of remote 90tl's.
2) With LAT a device is created LTAnnn and     then the device is spooled
and the the queue is initialised etc. How is this done with a Telnet queue ?

The Answer is :

  Please see the TCP/IP Services documentation around setting up IP-based
  print queues, and -- particularly for Postscript printers -- please see
  the DCPS package and associated documentation.
  For an on-line copy of the TCP/IP Services documentation, please see:
  Which IP protocol is appropriate for your printing requirements depends
  on a variety of factors.  Please start via the documentation...

answer written or last revised on ( 16-JAN-2001 )

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