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Blank page at end of HP print job?

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The Question is:

I cannot find the answer to this anywhere in the FAQ's. I print to an HP4
using UCX. My problem is that I get a trailer page after every printout and
I can't figure out how to get rid of it. My que is set up as follows:
Server queue CONTROL_RM, idle, on AIMSRV::, mounted form DEFAULT
Please help!!!!

The Answer is :

  Information on reset modules was updated in the Ask The Wizard
  topic (1020).
  Also check to see if the current default setting for FEED (which
  is enabled) on the queue affects the behaviour seen at the end of
  the job.
  Check the default device control library reset sequence.  (See
  1020 referenced above for details.)
  Also check with HP to ensure that the firmware is current.
  If these discussions do not resolve your question, please contact
  the Compaq Customer Support Center directly for assistance -- you
  will need to identify the particular HP printer involved, among
  other questions.
  Note: the OpenVMS Wizard would recommend the use of DCPS for
  Postscript printers.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-JUL-2001 )

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