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KZQSA device configuration?

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The Question is:

We have a KZQSA-SF Qbus to SCSI adapter but no docs. What device identifier
do I need to use when I configure the device in SYSGEN?
Andy Turnell

The Answer is :

  The KZQSA device is not supported for use with magnetic disks, only
  for specific CD-ROM and magnetic tape devices.  The device has been
  known to occasionally work with magnetic disks, but is not supported.
  The KZQSA Installation Guide is part EK-KZQSA-IG.
  With the module spine held horizontal and closest, memory base address
  jumper pack (jumpers W8 through W12, with W8 to the left) are to the left
  and middle, the CSR jumper pack (jumpers W1 through W7, with W1 to the
  left) is in the center of the module, and the SCSI ID jumper (W14 through
  W16, with W14 closest to the spine) is to the right and near.
  Default memory address is 01000000-01377777 (W10 jumper installed, all
  other jumpers removed), and jumpers W9 through W13 encode address bits
  17 through 21.
  Each module using Q-bus memory must have a unique memory base address.
  Default SCSI node ID is 7.  All jumpers removed is 0, while all installed
  encode 7.
  The CSR jumpers W1 through W7 encode CSR address bits 6 through 12,
  respectively.  The default CSR is 761300, though the address determined
  by SYSGEN CONFIGURE can and does vary, meaning the CSR can (and regularly
  will need to) be reset depending on the particular Q-bus configuration.
  Do not install jumper W8.
  When using configure under SYSGEN CONFIGURE, use the mnemonic QZA for
  the KZQSA device.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-JAN-2001 )

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