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The Question is:

I've been looking into setting up our VMS box to print to TCP/IP (LPR/LPD)
printers on the LAN.
I've had a look on this site for information about this before, and found
some instructions (the question was called "Setting up NT to receive print
jobs? (TCP/IP LPR)") but as soon as I come to the first VMS bit (R
UCX$LPRSETUP) it tells me this:
SYS$SPECIFIC:[UCX_LPD]UCX$PRINTCAP.DAT: no such file or directory
This is probably a silly question - I'm new to VMS - but what's gone wrong
and how do I get round it?
Many thanks,
Tom Hughes - IT Supervisor
Marconi Communications Network Components & Services.

The Answer is :

  Be aware that TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS uses the prefix UCX$ prior
  to V5.0, and uses the prefix TCPIP$ in versions V5.0 and later.
  TCP/IP Services V5.0, V5.0A, or later can be installed on OpenVMS
  V7.1 and later.  (As of this writing in August 2001, the current
  product version is V5.1, with ECO.)
  For information on the PRINTCAP file, please see the TCP/IP Services
  documentation available via:

answer written or last revised on ( 7-AUG-2001 )

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