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Printing Postscript to Certain HP LaserJets?

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The Question is:

It's the 2nd part of a question I placed a couple
of days ago.
We try to print via DCPS to some HP laserJet
printers. That works fine with the LJ4000 and
the LH 5SI.
In the LJ 4plus and the LJ5 we receive a
document with the text:
% Copyright - 1986 - 1999 Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Mass.
% All rights reserved
(%%[ ReturnStatus: 243 )print statusdict/product known{(")print
statusdict/product get print(")print}{("NOTFOUND")print}ifelse( ]%%\n)print
What does that mean, it's a PostScript handshake,
shure, but I cannot imagine what's the problem.
Thanks a lot

The Answer is :

  If that is the exact file sent, the contents of the file are somewhat
  unusual -- most Postscript files begin with the line:
  or whatever Postscript level was used.
  That the HP LaserJet does not automatically recognize Postscript tends
  to point to the switching mechanism in the printer, or to some sort
  of misconfigured file format setting between the printer and the host,
  or that the particular HP LaserJet printers in question do not have
  Postscript capabilities.  (Various HP LaserJet printers do not have
  support for Postscript.)  Contact HP for assistance identifying the
  capabilities of your particular HP Printer.
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center for assistance with
  the DCPS package, and with this problem.
  As for some of the various discussions of the HP LaserJet 4000 series
  printers, please see following topics here in Ask The Wizard:
    1020, 1429, 1797, 2276, 2418, 2715, 2770, 2782, 3385, 3540
  The former topic is likely the best starting point for most questions
  involving printing on these and other HP printers.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-JAN-2000 )

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