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Availability of Java on OpenVMS?

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The Question is:

From the posted questions concerning Java:
20 July 1999:
	Java and ODS-5 (extended) file naming?
		"Neither Java nor the underlying C run-time currently
support ODS-5 file
  		names (in V7.2-1 and prior), work is presently underway to
add this."
Dear Sir,
I am trying to establish whether Java servlets can be run on VMS.
I have searched your site and other sources for info on this and come up
with lots of (apparently) contradicting views - appended below.
Any help is much appreciated.
Ed Egan.
Appended references from http://www.openvms.digital.com/wizard/index.html
and search results from that url
9 July 1999:
	Java for OpenVMS VAX?
		"There are currently no plans to make a version of Java
available for
  		OpenVMS VAX."
28 June 1999
	Java for OpenVMS VAX?
		"There are currently no plans to make a version of Java
available for
  		OpenVMS VAX."
12 August 1998
	JAVA on OpenVMS Alpha versions prior to V7.1?
		"Java currently requires OpenVMS Alpha V7.1 or later"
2 July 1998
	Rdb via Java?
		"Can I access the VAX Rdb/VMS database version 4.0 with
		- Check with Oracle for current information on Rdb, and
current options."
Q. 	When will VMS support Java?
A.		We are currently in field test with Netscape Navigator V2.0
for OpenVMS.
		The final version will have full support for Java.
Q. 	Is there a JAVA compiler available for OpenVMS VAX and if so, where
	can I find it?
A.		Not at this time.  Digital is working on Java support for
OpenVMS which may
		eventually include a compiler, but the plans for that are
far from definite.
Q.	I am looking for a Java port to VMS or any plans concerning one.
	I can't find a positive or negative statemnt on your server.
A.		What aspect of Java are you interested in?  Netscape
Navigator will support
		Java applets in a follow-on release (it will support
JavaScript in the first
		release).  Other Java support is being worked on.

The Answer is :

  Java is available with and is distributed with OpenVMS Alpha V7.2
  and later.  (An copy is also available for V7.1.)
  Java is not available on OpenVMS VAX.
  Please see:

answer written or last revised on ( 9-AUG-2004 )

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