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Password Management and Password History?

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The Question is:

A simple question requiring a simple answer I can't seem to find........
Under VMS 7.1, how many passwords does VMS maintain per user in its
retention "history" database?  Is this a default setting that is modifiable?
Thank-you for your help with this.  (We're getting accredited, shortly, and
this is a question that has come up.

The Answer is :

  The (current) default of sixty passwords in the history can be modified
  by the system-wide logical name SYS$PASSWORD_HISTORY_LIMIT, and the
  (current) default password retention period of one year can be modified
  by the logical name SYS$PASSWORD_HISTORY_LIFETIME.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would strongly encourage you to acquire and read
  through the _OpenVMS Guide to System Security_ manual (AA-Q2HLD-TE).
  Information on the OpenVMS password management subsystem is included in
  chapter seven of the (current) security manual.
  The _OpenVMS Guide to System Security_ manual exists because various
  security evaluation organizations require it.  Further, organizations
  that perform accreditations will typically know that it exists and will
  typically expect that it will be available and (more importantly) will
  be used.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is aware of sites that -- under previous documentation
  packaging practices -- got themselves into some trouble with the local
  security accrediting authorities when they were found to have forgotten
  to unwrap the plastic shrink-wrap from the security manual.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-AUG-1999 )

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