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Access to OpenVMS Source Code?

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The Question is:

When is Compaq going to OpenSource VMS?
Has there been any discussion of the possibility?
Wouldn't it be nice if OpenVMS meant OpenSourcedVMS ?

The Answer is :

  Source listings (for most of OpenVMS) have been available for decades,
  first on fiche, and more recently on CD-ROM media.
    QB-MT1AB-E8      OpenVMS Alpha Source Listings CD-ROM
    QT-MT1AB-Q8      OpenVMS Alpha Source Listings CD-ROM Updates
    QB-001AB-E8      OpenVMS VAX Source Listings CD-ROM
    QT-001AB-Q8      OpenVMS VAX Source Listings CD-ROM Updates
  The occasional customer has purchased an OpenVMS source code license.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is aware of no plans for a general release of OpenVMS
  source code, and would not tend to expect this to occur.
  OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha currently require over 64K source modules,
  over 600 CMS libraries, and quite a few gigabytes of disk storage.
  On a more general note, having the source code to OpenVMS is insufficient
  to perform a full system build -- a large and complex system environment
  is required for the build.  (See the OpenVMS Freeware for VDE, the source
  code control system used within OpenVMS Engineering.  VDE is one of the
  constituents of the environment.)

answer written or last revised on ( 2-SEP-1999 )

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