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Conversational bootstrap? (single-user mode)

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The Question is:

How can I access in mode monouser with vms version 7.1?

The Answer is :

  When posting a question, please remember to include sufficient detail
  to permit an answer, as well as a more general statement of the task(s)
  or goal(s) at hand.
  OpenVMS has no "mode monouser", this appears to be confusion with the
  UNIX single user mode, or with "user mode" in the four processor access
  modes used by OpenVMS.  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume the former.
  Information on bootstrapping with a limited (STARTUP_P1 set to "MIN")
  system startup, for performing a conversational bootstrap, and other
  information on starting up and shutting down OpenVMS is included in
  the system management documentation.
  Please see the OpenVMS FAQ for information on performing a conversational
  bootstrap to reset a forgotten password on the SYSTEM username, and for
  pointers to the OpenVMS documentation website.
  Pointers to and existing discussions of how to perform conversational
  bootstraps can be found here in the Ask The Wizard area, including in
  topics (14), (476), (1462), (3018), (5293), and (7982).

answer written or last revised on ( 23-OCT-2002 )

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