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Choosing DECwindows Motif over CDE? (take II)

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The Question is:

Subject: Choosing DECwindows Motif over CDE?
The Question is:
I'd like for the DECwindows Desktop and the New Desktop login boxes to
wiz_1139 <<http://www.openvms.digital.com/wizard/wiz_1139.html>> addresses
between the traditional and CDE login boxes using
decw$private_apps_setup.template and setting
$ decw$start_new_desktop == "false"
However, I want to be able to freely invoke the login box of my choosing
from the command line.
(In IP stack implementations not supporting XDM, X-terminal or PCs run a
remote shell command in order to
get the VMS host to display a login box.  We want to create two such
commands, one to bring-up the DECwindows login box and the other
to bring-up the CDE one.  (Appreciate that DTLOGIN has some side-effects on
the display and that for users who habitually use DECwindows
the selection of the traditional interface is irksome)).

The Answer is :

  Please see topics (2846) and (3209), in addition to (1139).

answer written or last revised on ( 9-JUL-2001 )

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