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DTSS UPDATE and current time interval error?

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The Question is:

UPDATE DTSS TIME fails with 'Time must be contained in the current time
interval' when trying to update time on DTSS Server

The Answer is :

  Please remember to include the full text of the error, or at a
  minimum the message identification -- NOTIMEUPDATE, in this case.
  In regard to the error:
%DTSS-E-NOTIMEUPDATE, new time interval not contained in current time interval
  The UPDATE command assumes that the current time on your system is not
  faulty, and thus the specified new time must be contained within the
  current time accuracy.  For example, if the current time on your system
  is 10:00 with an inaccuracy of 500 seconds, you can specify a new time
  with update within 500 seconds of 10:00.  Otherwise, the time is not
  contained within the current time interval and is rejected.
  If you want to change your time rather more dramatically, please look
  into the use of the CHANGE command.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-DEC-1999 )

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