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Third-party product? (Multinet)

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The Question is:

Hi, I have a vax running multinet printing dcps, as400 using pcl and a NT
box using both ps and pcl all printing to a tcp/ip Mita DP-3600 laserjet
printer.  The as400 and NT boxes can print fine,  but the vax will stop
printing and hang the printer after
the first report has been printed, (even though there are more reports
waiting in the print queue for the vax, nt and as400).
I was wondering if multinet has some kind of "time-out" value that has to be
Any ideas what the problem is?
Thank you,
Charlie Weidmann

The Answer is :

  Please contact Multinet support for assistance with the Multinet
  TCP/IP product.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-DEC-1999 )

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