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FTP and case-sensitivity?

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The Question is:

We currently use the following DCL to ftp files to our unix system. Thc
commands work fine, but when the filename appears in unix it is in lowercase
although they are UPPERCASE on the vax.  We need them to be UPPERCASE on the
unix too.
$ ftp /user=***** /pass=***** ukwsv20 -
send 'Data' 'OutPutDir''FileName'
If I write sys$output the variables - Data, OutputDir & filename; they are
all shown to be in UPPERCASE - but as said they appear in unix as lowercase.
Also,  if I to the process manually at the ftp prompt, it asks me what the
file is to be called on the unix side, and if I say something like FRED.DAT
it does appear on unix as FRED.DAT.
One of our Compaq guys here said that it can be done by stratigic placing
double quotes ""; but I've tried lots of combinations and nothing yet works.
I hope this is interesting enough for you to try and solve.
All the best.

The Answer is :

  Try using COPY/FTP and DIRECTORY/FTP, assuming you have a compliant
  IP package installed -- this was added in OpenVMS V6.2.  If you are
  using TCP/IP Services and OpenVMS V6.2, the OpenVMS Wizard recommends
  using V4.2 plus the current ECO.  With OpenVMS V7.1 and later, use
  TCP/IP Services V5.0A or later.
$ dir/ftp unix.node::
$ dir/ftp unix.node::"xxxxxxxxx"
Directory unix.node::
xxxxxxxxx/docs      xxxxxxxxx/info      xxxxxxxxx/util      xxxxxxxxx/orgs
xxxxxxxxx/pics      xxxxxxxxx/includes  xxxxxxxxx/home.html
$ dir/ftp unix.node::"XXXXXXXXX"

answer written or last revised on ( 9-DEC-1999 )

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